Other Ten Percent 8/29/11

Aug 29 2011

So when you actively avoid covering any hurricane news it turns out there isn’t a whole lot to blog about this weekend. But I’ve still found stuff for you guys because I CARE ABOUT YOU. So here are five links not relating to Hurricane Irene who turns out to have been totally lame. Also, secret Batman Chris Maguire has been spending the weekend watching Starcraft II after he donated to my Kickstarter. His continued existence forced Blizzard to nerf Terran.

How does Nintendo protect the image of their saintly plumber? A Super Mario historian tells us
This week’s job title I really wish I had: “Super Mario Historian.” Ah well, nobody’s perfect. Anyway it’s interesting how much this actually reads as Mario as a metaphor for Nintendo’s corporate philosophy and how that makes it way more interesting.
WARNING: Video games.
NOTE: But also their cultural impact so maybe interesting even to non-nerds.

First Look of the Day
What has two thumbs, a John Goodman guest appearance and is coming back September 22nd…and also doesn’t have two thumbs because it is a TV show? COMMUNITY.
WARNING: Prepare for another season of me not shutting up about Community.
NOTE: But also, John Goodman so that’s something.

BeetleCam, Remote Control DSLR Takes Close Up Photos of Wildlife
I want a remote controlled high-quality camera. But I would use it for non-wildlife stuff like…taking pictures of abandoned buildings that are in danger of collapse? I dunno that’s actually way less cool but I can’t see myself going to Africa even in the elaborate fantasy where I have a remote controlled DSLR.
WARNING: I accidentally revealed sad things about myself again.
NOTE: Still though, this camera is awesome.

Mad Men-style soirees from the swinging superhero sixties
So I’m partially posting this because I mean, superheroes, and also because my friend Lauren Davis posted it. BUT MOSTLY, It’s the fact that they actually bothered to create an elaborate historical backstory for these party photos and they totally make sense. The Fantastic Four are totally the type to host fancy parties.
WARNING: Contains superheros and junk.
NOTE: Also contains history and junk. Non-nerds have to be SO CONFLICTED by today’s OTP.

More Downsides to Being Immortal
Like basically everything else it turns out that immortality sucks when everybody else gets to play too.
WARNING: Kinda depressing.
NOTE: Be sure to mouse over the comic because it has one of the best alt texts for a dinosaur comic in quite some time.


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