Other Ten Percent 8/26/11

Aug 26 2011

Hey, did you guys know that Jill Hockett punches mountains until they actually physically cry? It’s true! Or at least it is now that she has donated to my Kickstarter. Good work Jill, please do not continue punching the ground though for fear of causing more Earthquakes. Anyway did you also know that I am EXHAUSTED after a very long and not particularly fun day and that I’ve only got 5 links for you guys today? Of course you didn’t. That’s why you guys have me here. To inform you.

How the first image of the whole Earth was taken
And now for the untold history of photography. SPACE PHOTOGRAPHY.
WARNING: Contains History
NOTE: That is an impressive list of qualifiers on there. “Sure you can make your own camera but can you make one that can take a picture, develop it and transmit it back to you? Using nothing digital? IN SPACE?

iPhotography, iPhone Photography Emerging as a New Art Form
You know I had not really realized I had two photography posts right in a row today. I’m so frazzled that I pretty much have to be subconsciously into photography right now but I’m also so frazzled that I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why.
WARNING: Contains one of those pieces that says a micro-trend is the next big thing and the track record there is maybe not amazing.
NOTE: There’s some good art here though, obviously.

The Mysterious Death of Nine Campers in Russia’s Dyatlov Pass
Oh thank God we got away from that Photography thing. Now instead we can discuss a weird historical incident that is FUCKING TERRIFYING. I mean this thing is fascinating but I do not recommend waiting until the evening if you’re going to read this.
WARNING: Contains a corpse that has its tongue missing for no explainable reason. For realzies. I mean not a photo of it or anything, but still.
NOTE: Seriously, you know it’s a bad scene when “Military test gone horribly wrong” is the LEAST disturbing possibility.

Watching 9/11
So I was kinda hesitant to post this because I know some of you did all the Watching 9/11 you ever need and then some on…you know…9/11. But as a historical document the way that the whole event was covered is actually kinda fascinating in an admittedly morbid way. I ended up listening to a lot of NPR’s coverage of it about a year ago for my creative project and the most disquieting part of the whole thing was realizing how confused and unprepared even the media was for the whole event and how obvious that was in retrospect. I don’t know if I was too young
WARNING: Christ man. I mean I know Giuliani pretty much sapped all the meaning from the actual words through repetition and the whole thing has kinda gotten buried under years of “NEVER FORGET” bull-crap but…contains a lot of 9/11 and you maybe don’t need to go through that again even if you weren’t actually there for it.
NOTE: I wonder how much historical distance will actually be enough for this to be a really useful resource.

Telegrams from Buckminster Fuller were unintentionally hilarious
Oh hey, remember when my newsletter DIDN’T kinda make you want to die? Like…yesterday. Good times. Here is an awesome and hilarious telegram that will make you love Buckminster Fuller if you didn’t already.
NOTE: Also if you didn’t already love Buckminster Fuller we’re not friends anymore.


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