Other Ten Percent 8/25/11

Aug 25 2011

Woooooo I got a vacation day that I took today so OTP is TOTALLY getting done on time today but I do also have a lot of projects to be doing a little work on and also a friend (Bethany!) in town to go hang with later so I sadly can’t just take all day doing OTP. Also ao far I’ve been kinda shy about begging about the Kickstarter but NO LONGER! …Guys please give me money. Seriously this thing needs to happen and the earlier you throw in some cash the easier it is to convince other people to donate. So from here on in I’m going to be randomly complementing one OTP reader that has donated to the Kickstarter campaign every day. Did you know that Lucy Swope Is 75% ninja? The other 25%?…Angel. Hey look. Links.

Is Virginia for Lovers?
The answer may surprise you…okay probably not actually but as Mental Floss breaks down the numbers on this one the state that actually IS for lovers will almost certainly shock the hell out of you.
WARNING: Seriously, do not move to a state just because it’s for lovers.
NOTE: I totally support that Ohio is like the least for lovers state.

Early Bird Special
Look everyone it’s another timelapse of the sky. WAIT NO SERIOUSLY COME BACK. This one is actually, genuinely better than all the other ones I’ve posted and it’s also of the sky at night and those are basically always worth it.
WARNING: Contains a Carolina.
NOTE: Space is space though, even in the south. Believe me, there were years where that was basically all that kept me going.

The Kid Should See This
Yet another blog I’ve collected for the kid I don’t have. This one is for all the awesome educational stuff for kids that I wouldn’t find otherwise.
WARNING: I will use it as an excuse for me finding this fascinating if any of you guys who don’t have kids also think this is awesome.
NOTE: Please think this is awesome.

The Daily Dot, The Internet’s Community Newspaper
I love this idea only because one day I want to be able to say “Yeah, I work the Reddit beat. It ain’t pretty but there’s real STORIES there man, you know what I’m saying? REAL JOURNALISM.”
WARNING: Slightly too self-aware of how meta they are.
NOTE: Gallatin Sentences.

Going Under: What we don’t know about anesthetics
Meanwhile in the world of totally terrifying science. We have no idea how anesthetics work or even really what basic principle exactly they work on.
WARNING: Seriously the dude in this thing gives the answer you least want to like every question. Especially when the question is “why should people be okay with all of this stuff” and his answer is “we got away with it.”
NOTE: It’s probably cool though right guys? We probably shouldn’t be terrified every time we go into surgery because we have no idea what the hell is going on with our brains during the surgery.

Keep cool with a new Hood Internet mix
Everybody BE CALM because it turns out that the Hood Internet put out a new Trillwave compilation like a month ago and I missed it? I’m only like halfway in and so far it’s not QUITE as good as the first one but it’s still pretty stellar.
WARNING: Contains Mashups.
NOTE: Contains Nikki Minaj mashups.


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