Other Ten Percent 8/24/11

Aug 24 2011

UGH I’m super sorry about how late this is everyone. I got distracted by TV club and then just assumed I MUST have already done OTP because when was the last time I screwed that up? …I mean besides earlier this week when I screwed it up. Anyway. So I couldn’t decide between being an east coaster and worrying about everyone or being a west coaster and mocking you guys about giving a fuck about a 5.8 earthquake so instead I decided to just not talk about the whole thing. OH FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. Hey look. Links.

Blood types and pseudoscience in Japan
Well this is cool, and also creepy. It also goes a long way toward explaining why Japan has a weird superiority thing about certain blood types in vampire fiction from over there. These are the things I’m glad to have explained folks.
WARNING: Contains Nazis
NOTE: I mean I suppose this isn’t any less weird and it’s history isn’t any more weird than regular horoscopes but I’m still like…what the fuck Japan?

Solitaire win screen sculpture
Your daily reminder that the digital world is invading the physical world and that in all likelyhood the digital world is going to win so…be on the lookout for that.
WARNING: Contains art.
NOTE: And actually the art isn’t that spectacular once you’re over the concept. I mean it’s well executed but…meh.

Augmented Reality: Art Center student videos: “JuJu”
So here’s an interesting multiple choice question: what’s actually going to get people using AR: Totally mysterious “viral” videos that only vaugely hint at the nature of the app in question like the first one on this page, totally long and boring informative demo videos like the last one on this page or some magical, I’m almost ready to say mythical, combination of the two?
WARNING: Ugh the first video on here, and I really liked the concept too.
NOTE: Maybe it’s still good?

The Robbers Cave Experiment
I’m pretty certain that basically every child born between 1945 and 1955 was part of some terrible, traumatic psychological experiment at this point.
WARNING: Seriously, shit is fucked.
NOTE: Fascinating…but fucked.

A Brief History of the Crossover
io9 has been killing it on the long form posts lately. While the crossover may not seem like that amazing of a topic it gives them an excuse to go on a tour of literary history from a pretty weird perspective.
WARNING: Contains Balzac.
NOTE: I have been waiting way longer than is healthy for a chance to do that joke.

Selected Scenes From Betty and Bobby Draper’s Off-Camera Relationship, Circa Season 4
So while I DID link around the news blurb about January Jones that inspired this yesterday morning the idea that January Jones is a terrible ice queen is about as revelatory as an expose on Michele Bachman not knowing what she’s talking about so I sort of didn’t expect it to make OTP. Little did I know that it would inspire maybe the funniest Mad Men related thing I’d read all year.
WARNING: Contains January Jones being incredibly mean to a child in ways that probably happened.
NOTE: I mean, scene 2? I am basically 100% sure that one actually happened.


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