Other Ten Percent 8/23/11

Aug 23 2011

Today is Monday, the most monderful day of the week. But you’ll be reading this on Tuesday, which isn’t. Also I’m super sorry about yesterday’s OTP, I apparently forgot to hit the “use HTML” checkbox that makes Dreamhost not spit Linux at you. It won’t happen again for the forseeable future. With any luck anyway. Now, on to the links.

Animated Short of the Day
So this is really remarkable work for a student project and the way that you know that’s true is that you’re able to forget that its a student project and just enjoy it. It’s also short enough that you can and should just go ahead and watch it rather than having me describe it further.
WARNING: Contains allegory.
NOTE: Also contains a moose.

Oh look, AR and cyborg sensory tech had a baby and then that baby hired a really great designer to make promotional materials for them and then sent it back in time…actually that last part pretty much sums up 90% of BLDGblog posts.
WARNING: Contains AR and architecture fiction.
NOTE: Contains AR and architecture fiction!

Technology’s Human Potential
So I realized recently that I’ve been picking up readers slowly but surely over the years and they may well not really a whole lot about BERG which I’ve thrown around as sort of boring old-hat stuff. Luckily this NYT piece about them just showed up and it’s a really entertaining read.
WARNING: Contains a lot of examples of BERG stuff that should be familiar for long time OTP readers.
NOTE: Seriously, is MoMA like doing “a season of shit David’s into” as a theme or something? Are there banners?

Libya: Homebrew weapons of the rebel forces unseating Gaddafi
Man so, I was expecting another 5 or so years before we started seeing DIY tech of war help win an actual honest to God war but I suppose this is just another great “future is here but it’s just not evenly distributed moment.
WARNING: Lots of weapons.
NOTE: But nobody likes Gaddafi so we’re probably fine.

Watch this hyper-detailed video analysis of the ending of The Thing
Okay so this guy’s analysis of basically everything is solid and I really recommend just checking out his site if you enjoy the Thing video but in my opinion the absolute best thing on there is his 20 minute video on the impossibile geometry of The Shining.
WARNING: Contains a LOT of spoilers for The Thing and all the other movies he does an analysis of.
NOTE: I kind of want to get The Thing DVD just to watch his original longer form analysis of it though.

Urban Pac-Man
So this is what AR video games should feel like. Also this whole video is pretty fantastic and short enough for you to watch the whole thing. It’s sort of the perfect viral video in a lot of ways.
WARNING: Not actually AR related. Which is probably good actually since this is what…my third AR post of the day or something? I’m sorry guys.
NOTE: I was totally expecting this to be derivative of the old Go Team Pacman video but as it turns out it’s got its own take on the whole thing.

Minimalist business card
It actually kinda took me a second to get this one but once I did…well this business card may finally be the thing that gets me to buy my own name domain name.
WARNING: I hope you don’t have a really common name or you’ll be kicking yourself about this.
NOTE: Or maybe not. I’m kinda kicking myself about it is what I’m saying here.


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