Other Ten Percent 8/22/11

Aug 22 2011

So I found five things on Friday for this and then decided that wasn’t enough and waited till Sunday morning for more things to pop up and…there was nothing worth adding to OTP on there. So the point is that y’all get five things. Enjoy them. They’re links.

Pronunciation Manual, Hilariously Incorrect Word Pronunciations
I think my favorite thing about this (beside the pronunciation of escargot perhaps) is how angry this must make the super boring Pronunciation Book guy.
WARNING: You may find yourself using these incorrect pronunciations in your real life if you listen to these for too long.
NOTE: You should still listen to them though because they’re hilarious.

Theater critic reviews theater of open kitchen
I’m kind of a sucker for this kind of stuff since it combines interdisciplinary stuff, which I have always enjoyed even before I had to explain what it meant at every job interview, and journalism, which is a thing I sort of do now? It’s still super weird to think that I’m like a semi-legit journalist by the way. Being a semi-legit anything is weird.
WARNING: This play sounds SUPER interesting.
NOTE: We should go to it every single night. Or at least something like it.

Hamburg’s lost over-and-under monorail
Every lost monorail is a tragedy but this one seems especially tragic because they were going to be personal monorail cars run by computer and that’s a vision of public transportation that, while totally impractical, I wish I could ride on at least once.
NOTE: That stands for Just Another Rerto-Futurist Design Thing. It’s a stupid acronym but I think it’s going to save us a whole lot of time from here on out.

Déjà Vu – Your Visual Memory
So this is not the one that’s going to do it but at some point we are going to have an autonomous visual memory and we’re going to start seeing that whole “people don’t remember things anymore” as a feature not a bug in the same way that nobody really goes “whatever happened to getting horribly lost late at night because you thought you knew the way back from Mark’s place but you totally didn’t and now you’re driving around in the dark in some neighborhood you’ve never been in before and basically everything looks terrifying?” anymore. Sometimes not having to do crap anymore is progress. Wait sorry what was I saying about this app again? Oh right. Anyway the point is this seems SLIGHTLY too clumsy but autonomous visual recognition is going to get hooked up to something like this before too long and then things get weird.
WARNING: I may be being too hard on this app. It’s well implemented and worth a look. I just mean it’s too clumsy to like change the world, not to be a decent app.
NOTE: They’re really fixated on the wine label example though.

Big Money Project, Giant Coin Makes Stuff Look Tiny In Tilt-Shift Photos
Okay ordinarily tilt-shifting stuff is WAAAAAAAY too twee for my taste but somehow this extra commitment to the bit makes me really love it. Maybe it’s just hit a point of twee where it wraps back around to being really awesome or something?
WARNING: It’s still pretty twee.
NOTE: Oh! I know what it probably is. The mental image of this dude just walking around with a giant coin and putting it on stuff for this project is pretty hilarious.


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