Other Ten Percent 8/19/11

Aug 19 2011

So I’ve written so much today that my arms hurt. I’m just kidding my arms hurt for other reasons…but I did write a ton of stuff today so I’m just going to write…slightly less about things. I’m still going to give you links to the things though so don’t get too worked up.

The questionable birth of Times New Roman
Nobody doesn’t love lessons on the history of typography. Especially not lessons that involve INTRIGUE.
WARNING: Lots of people don’t love that.
NOTE: They’re wrong.

Crimes & Punishments Through Time [Infographic]
Ahhh infographics. They’re like comics, FOR FACTS! In fact I’m going to call them factcomics from now on because I’m bored of writing down the word infographic. Anyway, this factcomic is about crimes and how they have been punished throughout history.
WARNING: As crimes get stupider punishments seem to get more severe.
NOTE: I’m totally sticking to this factcomic thing you guys. I’m sorry in advance.

Music Video of the Day
You may think that this is a hauntingly beautiful video for a Bon Iver song set against a ton of landscapes in Iceland but in point of fact this whole thing is just a short documentary. Every single day in Iceland is just non-stop beautiful landscapes and Bon Iver songs as you walk alone from place to place.
WARNING: This is actually a Bon Iver video in case you don’t like Bon Iver.
NOTE: There are occasional Bjork breaks in Iceland when the landscapes have cities in the distance.

Ten F26-A formal complaint notices in six months.
Here is a truly fantastic series of disciplinary complaints lodged by a man who has absolutely no sense of humor.
WARNING: This is fake.
NOTE: Don’t care.

The Factory
Today’s lesson for time travelers. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT rent a space out to Andy Warhol. I have no idea why I’m framing this post as a time travel thing.
WARNING: He will all kinds of mess that place up is the issue.
NOTE: It’s cool if you’re doing it for the stories though. He’ll probably let you meet the Velvet Underground and stuff.

Competitive lockpicker explains his sport
So in a rarity for Cory Doctorow that’s a really bad title that totally misses what makes this post engaging. While competitive lock-picking could be cool or whatever this guy’s video is more about explaining the basics of locks and picking locks in a more relatable fashion than I’ve ever seen it before. Prepare to learn basically everything you need to know about picking locks in 5 minutes.
WARNING: As usual if you did not already know this you will be depressed at how little security locks provide.
NOTE: Metaphor for security in general blah blah blah I don’t really have the energy to go into theory mode tonight guys sorry. Point is theory mode goes here.

It’s been a while since I posted something from Gunshow, but it’s also been a while since Gunshow’s been this brilliant while also not being incredibly disturbing.
WARNING: He can never know.
NOTE: Stop loitering on my laser!


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