Other Ten Percent 8/18/11

Aug 18 2011

Ladies! I know what you like. Links! …Actually that applies to the guys to. I have no idea why I singled one gender out like that. My bad. Let’s just look at things from the internet and pretend that this whole thing NEVER HAPPENED.

Supercut of the Day
You know what guys? I will admit it. I’m getting really sick of Supercuts. They are the mashups of 2011. They were a fun idea at first and I’m sure there are a few masters that will continue doing them well and pushing them forward as some sort of quasi-art but for the most part they are fucking terrible, and tiring, and a waste of everybody’s time. They are the very essence of that bad part of remixing that old media theorists are constantly bitching about. The empty, nostalgic shuffling through the bins to find something somebody already made in the past to show your credibility instead of creating something of value of your own. Even this one, which I quite like actually, is only saved from being an empty exercise by some genuinely clever editing that serves as commentary rather than collecting.
WARNING: After that rant the actual video may seem sorta hollow.
NOTE: I really do like it though. I think there’s a lot there.

Evolution of the London Underground map
Guess what guys, it’s a round-up post about a shockingly specific subject. Prepare for a deluge of information on how the London Underground map has changed over the years with like ten different points of view and ways to visualize the whole thing.
WARNING: Seriously, there’s a lot of information on the London Underground here.
NOTE: In my defense I was like 12 the last time I interacted with it but the London Underground map is still strange and mysterious to me. The fact that it sort of just floats there in space makes it seem like it doesn’t actually conform to any real geography.

3D Printing for Supervillains
FINALLY, somebody’s discussing some practical uses for this stuff. Also I sort of find it hilarious whenever some technocrat suddenly notices that a technology can be used for evil, as if this were a shocking and unique quality that’s only attached to these strange futuristic tech devices. This one seems somewhat likely since my current feeling is that 3D printing is much more likely to catch on with mad-scientists before
WARNING: Contains vaugely unfounded panic about the future.
NOTE: Also contains some cool graphics and ideas.

Mashup of the Day
Hey, you know what HASN’T gotten incredibly tiring yet? Video mashups. Especially ones that actually bother to lip-sync decently and create a connection between video and audio that is so startlingly obvious I’m basically amazed that it’s not one of the underlying comic memes on the internet already.
WARNING: Contains Tom Waits.
NOTE: The other thing it contains is so hilarious you should really look even if you hate Tom Waits for some reason. Also I always thing Tom Waits name should be way harder to spell for some reason. Like I have to look it up to confirm that it really is just Tom Waits.

Paul Krugman: save the economy by staging an alien invasion hoax
“When did you know that western capitalism was doomed daddy?” “When somebody suggested faking an attack by aliens to rescue the economy and I realized it was the best idea I’d heard about economics in like a decade.”
WARNING: If you happen to find Paul Krugman insufferable then he’s…pretty insufferable here.
NOTE: Also dude, thanks for ruining it. This was a golden opportunity you wasted on a hypothetical dude.

Photo Series of the Day
And now, to ease you out of today’s OTP, here’s a nice series of pictures of New York.
WARNING: Contains possibly excessive level of compositing.
NOTE: It is seriously pretty though. I’m not trying to trick you.


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