Other Ten Percent 8/17/11

Aug 17 2011

I am in a BAD mood today after a long, unproductive day and a really shitty commute and rather than subjecting you all to it at length I’m just going to make an OTP that’s extremely light on the commentary today. I’ll be better tomorrow.

Charles Stross On Network Security Circa 2061-2561 AD
It’s pretty light on Network Security but pretty heavy on some pretty spectacularly thought out futurism. Charlie Stoss always has more realistic visions of the future by the standards of visions of the future anyway.
WARNING: Contains a privacy apocalypse.
NOTE: What doesn’t these days?

In-game Ponzi nets US $50K
Speaking of terrifying visions of the future. When do you think we’ll start discussing at length the issue of regulating virtual economies?
WARNING: EVE Online is not as much fun as all the stories about it might lead you to believe.
NOTE: Since Diablo III is going to have an in-game economy that’s tied to real world money I kind of want to build up some starter capital and then see if I can game the economy easily enough to make some real money off of it.

Lady Gaga shows us all how to have sex with a mermaid in her latest music video
Oh thank God, I really needed to tap into a rich vein of Gaga logic after the day I’ve had. The fact that this is one of the better songs on the album is just gravy to the absolutely insane mermaid plot line.
WARNING: Contains a LOT of Gaga logic. Like…close to Telephone amounts of it.
NOTE: That’s not that bad in my opinion though obviously.

Remote Nation, Entire Apartment Building Tuned to Same TV Channel
I always liked the building they used for this. I had no idea it was abandoned. That’s kinda really depressing actually.
WARNING: We’ll be going to see this while I’m in town everyone. So if you go look at it before I get there don’t come crying to me when I say we’re going to go watch it again.
NOTE: If you do go see it before me…tell me if it’s cool in person.

Sign For Your Supper of the Day
I should do one of these for the Dance Party at the End of the World…of course mine would be totally insane and unnecessary but so is this one. Also, I’d probably have to successfully fund this year’s party first.
WARNING: This restaurant cannot possibly live up to this waiver.
NOTE: OR CAN IT. I’m charging Bailey with going and finding out.

When did magic become elitist?
Since I posted a really long and intelligent science fiction essay today I thought it’d only be fair of me to publish a fantasy one as well. It’s really good by the way.
WARNING: Contains a dude talking for a long time about magic.
NOTE: But he also talks about “real” magic and how it was used historically which is actually pretty fascinating.


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