Other Ten Percent 7/29/11

Jul 29 2011

Sorry I haven’t exactly been killing it on the word count this week. I’d panic and change everything to try and get myself excited again but I’m starting to think this is sort of just the way it goes down. Some days I’m really feeling it and write you guys a 1500 word epic post and some days I’m just sort of introducing the links as fast as I can. Hopefully you don’t feel too short changed when these things clock in at somewhere around 500 words instead of 1000. Anyway, now to close out our week with some smooth jazz…I mean smooth links…I mean links.

Beyond the cubicle
Turns out office design is actually experience design. Wanna know how I know? Because EVERYTHING is experience design. If you’re not considering how your users will interact with your design then that’s just bad design no matter what you’re designing. TAH-DAH. Congratulations you can now give a talk at a design conference. …Okay wait you’ll need to make a powerpoint using relevant pull-quotes from one of the edge case design blogs I link around like BLDGBlog. Now you’re ready.
WARNING: Contains a really depressing flow-chart that has little to do with the subject matter at hand.
NOTE: This is actually about over-design and I sorta went off on a tangent.

Coffee Bean Shaped Cookies
This is maybe the closest I’ve ever come in my entire life to genuinely wanting coffee.
WARNING: Contains chocolate.
NOTE: I think I kind of just want to drink Iced Coffee out of a mason jar. Why I have this urge is a total mystery to me and I feel that if I really start to interrogate it I could learn something truly significant and terrible about myself.

The secret code of the alchemists
I like this because it’s sort of a translation problem and sort of a cryptography problem and sort of just bullshitting until something makes sense. Which is kinda what the Alchemists were doing to write the stuff in the first place.
NOTE: Also contains their answers.

CUBE 3D Printed 3D Printer
It says something about my life that “3D printer 3D printed by 3D printer” doesn’t impress me anymore. Louis C.K. was right, I’m so used to my life of technological privilege that sometimes I’m bored by THE FUTURE. I mean $3000? I know it’s a proof of concept but still. Jeez.
WARNING: Contains plastic.
NOTE: I’m still looking forward to the 3D printer future I just wish it would stop promising to get here and just get here already.

Spock is Not Impressed
New Meme, hot off the presses. Get it while its still somewhat relevant.
WARNING: This may hurt your feelings and then Spock will find your hurt feelings highly illogical.
NOTE: Seriously I give this one until next Monday or so.

Watch Harrison Ford’s epic reunion with Chewbacca, it will give you chills
It may shock you to learn that this skit with Harrison Ford on Jimmy Kimmel is hilarious. Well it is. Deal with it.
WARNING: Contains Chewbacca really not being cool man.
NOTE: I personally love the Air Force One II joke but I will admit that it was an easy joke to make.


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