Other Ten Percent 7/28/11

Jul 28 2011

Wow is it Thursday already? No it is not because I’m writing this on Wednesday. I tricked you. Anyway let’s get to the links shall we?

Modern day cargo cults
Ooooh I like this idea. Poorly designed imitation services as a civilized equivalent to the cargo cult.
WARNING: Contains bashing of a startup.
NOTE: I don’t think I know anybody that works for it though so, you know, whatevs.

Robot-hand ring presentation box
I can’t wait until we’ve automated every part of the marriage process because telecommuting to my wedding sounds like it’d be a blast.
WARNING: As with all robots this one might go berserk and kill your sweetie.
NOTE: Totally worth it.

Fashion it So
Easily the best Star Trek the Next Generation reviews outside of the AV Club since these involve critiquing Starfleet’s fashion and then making up sassy captions for Worf.
WARNING: Contains a lot of really terrible looking 80’s clothes.
NOTE: Is it weird that I like this so much? I feel like this is the popular blog of the moment about Star Trek but it’s just not doing it for me as much.

New OKGo Video All is Not Lost
Song is just okay. Concept is just okay. Execution is pretty good. Coding work on the interactive version is a hell of a lot of fun.
WARNING: Will create a lot of pop-ups that will initially terrify you.
NOTE: Not totally sure if I am endorsing this or not but it seems interesting enough to be worth posting.

Blackout, Animation Recounting Tale of 1977 New York City Blackout
Once again there are some downsides here. The story being recounted here is actually not all that interesting in and of itself but the animation really adds a kick to it that I enjoy.
WARNING: Contains looting…and soccer.
NOTE: Sorta seems like this style would be a good match for a This American Life style thing but maybe that’s just me.

A 19th Century Candy Store Hidden Near Wall Street: The Many Secrets of 77 Water
Thanks to Scouting NY, 77 Water Street is fast becoming my number one vacation spot for when I come visit New York in a month or so.
WARNING: Contains a truly terrifying amount of pictures.

I guess that really was…
T-rex comes up with the best format for the last line of every single creative work that anyone has ever done and lives to tell the tale.
WARNING: May cause a compulsion to break into your local library and deface books.
NOTE: I guess that really was an…Other Ten Percent.


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