Other Ten Percent 7/27/11

Jul 27 2011

I could not tell you why but I have felt really out of it all day. I am blaming…the alignment of the planets. Somebody tell me why today sucks if you’re an Aquarius or something. This day was so cosmically blah for me that I am ready to resort to astrology. Let’s resort to links to get out of that dark place we were just in.

Urban evolution in NYC
I’ve often wondered about the ways that cities were effecting the evolution of the animals that lived in them but I’m still surprised at the speed and the scale of some of the stuff this team found. Fascinating science stuff.
WARNING: Contains a lot of discussion about genetics which will maybe bore you if you haven’t been fascinated by this topic.
NOTE: My new conscious Hip-Hop group name.

Favorite Books of the Secretly Jerky
Once again the Hairpin offers some really high-quality dating advice. As far as I have observed with dudes this is all 100% accurate as well.
WARNING: I hope you are not dating a guy who is super into any of these books. This could go very badly for you if you are
NOTE: Especially not On the Road I guess?

“Crystalline,” Björk (dir.: Michel Gondry)
Not going to lie, I did not have time to watch this at work today but I am posting it anyway because I am pretty much entirely certain that even if it is batshit crazy and sonically and visually terrible it’s still going to be worth watching because neither Bjork nor Gondry has failed BORINGLY in their entire careers.
WARNING: They’ve both failed pretty hard though once or twice so…be on the lookout.
NOTE: I just watched 5 seconds of this and it kinda looked like light-brites were attacking Fraggle Rock. I am okay with this.

Pocket Biometric Cootie Detector
Man as far as lies go I am totally down for this one because it has all of the elements of total fabrications that I really enjoy. Technology, commitment to the bit AND childishness? Where do I sign up.
WARNING: Contains Cooties.
NOTE: I really look forward to hearing how this totally fucked up the kids lives in twenty years.

Suzan sent me this early this morning and I have been spending all day periodically looking at more of these and wishing I worked in an office that looked half as cool as some of these.
WARNING: Contains some insufferable Startup interior design.
NOTE: Mostly though this shit is just cool looking.

The Elsewhere Philatelic Society, Offshoot The Nonchalance Game
A new ARG playable in San Francisco. Actually it’s two competing ARGs for a secret stamp collecting society and a secret coin collection society that hate each other and are engaged in a secret war. Actually even that doesn’t really explain how crazy this thing is.I’m totally going to go through the Philatelic Society application (which has locative audio components) on Sunday.
WARNING: Oh wait they already provide you with a warning.
NOTE: Oh wait they already provide you with a note.

Summer 2011 State of the Web
In case you haven’t been reading any of my INCREDIBLE tech journalism over at PCWorld the Oatmeal has a pretty good primer on what’s been going down in the internet for the past six months.
NOTE: I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive Tumblr for taking away the Tumbl Beasts


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