Other Ten Percent 7/26/11

Jul 26 2011

Hey guys! On this day in history: nothing much of interest happened. I’m sure wikipedia would disagree but whatevs, that guy’s a jerk in the universe where websites are anthropomorphically empowered with personalities. Here are some links that are of interest though.

Where music and foodie culture meet
I totally forgot to include this on Monday’s OTP because I was SUPER disappointed that I was probably going to wait until the next Noisepop for there to be another one of these and then closed the tab in disgust. Come on people you’ve got to give me a heads up about these sorts of things. The only thing better than synesthesia is DESIGNER synesthesia.
WARNING: When you read this you too will be disappointed you couldn’t go to it.
NOTE: Okay the designer Synesthesia line is a SLIGHT exaggeration but this thing is still pretty rad.

PING! Augmented Pixel Videogame System
I think they’re exadurating how simple the setup is a little bit but this does look surprisingly fun and I hope I see some Wii Tennis equivilent using this sort of set-up before too long.
WARNING: Winners don’t play video games.
NOTE: I like how you can just sort of crush the little pong pixel between your fingers. I wonder how difficult it would be to like let your movements determine the momentum of it so you could “throw” the pixel or something.

The Mp3 Experiment Eight In New York City by Improv Everywhere
Pretty much required posting. Did anybody actually go this year? I’m glad that they’ve resisted the urge to keep scaling these things up on their end since the joy of it is seeing how much they’re able to do with so little resource investment on their end.
WARNING: Contains lightsaber battles.
NOTE: It sorta seems like they’re just doing the teams thing for tradition’s sake at this point. There wasn’t much of a sense of there really being much of a division. Also, you gotta love how much the black team outnumbered the white team.

I really ought to order one of these and hang it in my cube at work. I’m a bit worried it would come off as being way too smart-ass though…mostly because of how smart-ass it would be.
WARNING: May lead to some depressing realizations about the way you spend your time online.
NOTE: If you think you can get away with it the page for ordering a print of this thing is here.

Personal Style
Dave Hill asking questions at the Corduroy Appreciation Club like “how do you think corduroy has changed after the events of September 11th?” AND a wardrobe breakdown of Andre 3000 by Nerd Boyfriend. That transcends my fashion nerdery and just becomes something everybody ought to watch.
WARNING: Contains slanderous statements about velvet.
NOTE: You can probably skip the Gay Talese thing unless you actually give fucks about mens fashion.

Color photos of the London Blitz
Man these are really walking the line of too depressing to really want to post but too gorgeous and interesting to avoid posting. In the end I’ve decided that most of my readership probably won’t be too depressed by these images of London’s destruction except for Jenny who has probably already fully assimilated into England and Winston Chuchill’s Ghost who is, let’s face it, kind of a racist so he can suck it up. Sorry guys!
WARNING: Maybe it’s just me but the one picture with the bus really creeps me out.
NOTE: That Battle of Britain article is also pretty awesome

Casting News of the Day
Man it sorta seems like Dan Harmon might be a little bit bitter that Community didn’t get any Emmy nods. “Community Season 3: Screw you for not loving this show. I will beat your ass. I will HIRE OMAR to beat your ass.”
WARNING: Omar Coming.
NOTE: I am really sorry for any of you that haven’t watched the Wire because you will not realize how HILARIOUS this post is.


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