Other Ten Percent 7/25/11

Jul 25 2011

It was a good weekend of good friends and good times and good movies. Captain America is probably the best superhero movie since Iron Man you guys. It is fun times. Anyway. Now for some good links. You guys still like those right?

How to fake a fingerprint
Somebody really ought to make a Fugitive type movie about a guy who manages to stay on the run from the police using fun facts from Google. Sadly that’s like 19 on the list of things I have to write so I’m probably not going to be doing anything with that idea.
WARNING: The NYT story here gets kinda weird/freaky.
NOTE: The story about the guy who runs a company to disappear people who then disapears himself is probably a way better hook for a story actually.

Tumblr Recommendations
Hairpin’s kinda moving in on my turf here and I only resent it because they’re so damn good at it. I’m letting it slide though because I was not really going to give you guys the low-down on the good jewelry photo blogs.
WARNING: They are not screwing around when they say the photos on that first blog get disturbing.
NOTE: I mean, you should still go to the link and look at it I’m just warning you that it actually is kinda disturbing.

Movie Trailer Twofer of the Day
So In Time has a trailer that looks like it sucks but a fantastic pedigree considering the Gataca/Truman Show guy is behind it. MEANHWILE Drive may not have the best director attached to it but I hear really good things and it’s got Carey Mulligan AND Christina Hendricks.
WARNING: That Drive trailer is not that good either actually but I’ve seen a clip somewhere (that I’m too lazy to dig up right now) that indicates that what really makes it work is a sort of unique take on the whole car chase dynamic.
NOTE: Also the In Time trailer could be worse it’s just like…it sorta seems like if you stare at the world-building too hard the whole thing kinda breaks which is unfortunate because I like the metaphor.

Wormholes on the Cheap
I am so happy that BoingBoing posted this because I’ve been trying to research how to do a set-up like this for months and I didn’t know what insane term geeks had come up with for the idea. Wormwhole seems as good a term as any really now that I know it, my GoogleFu was just failing me without knowing the proper vocabulary.
WARNING: Actually this link is also frustratingly short on details and doesn’t properly link out so I’ve still got research to do. Expect me to bitch about this again later.
NOTE: I also want to make a bigger one of this. A LOT bigger. And at scale there are camera angle problems. Anyway…

ADA, an Analog Interactive Kinetic Sculpture
Sometimes I’m into these weird art exhibits that Make puts up because of the theory but on this one I actually think the theory is pretty damn boring. Whooo you can’t control it. The image is pretty striking though so I’m letting it pass.
NOTE: It kinda looks like a cell in those old bio textbook examples where they’d explain how antibodies worked.

Fiona and Cake Conic-Con Clip
So in a year where the biggest comic book news at Comic-con is that Wonder Woman is going to have retractable pants to help solve that uneasy balance between her being a strong female character and a strong female character you might, understandably, be thinking that giving a shit about Comic-con is a terrible mistake. BUT WAIT. Because here comes 2 minutes from the upcoming gender reversed episode of Adventure Time starring Neal Patrick Harris as Prince Bubblegum.
WARNING: Contains the Ice Queen predatoring on dudes.
NOTE: We are totally doing a viewing party for this when I’m in New York.

The Long Con
Seriously I’m getting kinda cynical about comics lately. I mean I still like them as a medium but as a business right now it’s just…Jesus christ I could talk everybody’s ear off about this reboot DC is doing in a couple months. “retractable pants” is barely in the top 5 for stupidest parts about it. I’m so down on comics and up with webcomics that I’m even okay with Wonderella making fun of Batman. This is a big step for me you guys.
WARNING: You will never be able to look at Batman the same way.
NOTE: This is actually really similar to what comic-cons are like.


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