Other Ten Percent 7/22/11

Jul 22 2011

Today is a great day I think for watching the internet try and out-crazy itself in a high-stakes game of batshit insane 1-upsmanship that will eventually lead us into a nightmare world that we may never escape from. Then, as we do everyday, we’ll get drunk on some imitation 100+ year old whiskey and hug it out with a webcomic. This is what life has become for us, the forgotten. I have no idea what that was supposed to mean. Anyway, here’s the internet.

Record Store Cats: a series of animated gifs
Quick everybody pick your favorite one of these totally crazy animated GIFs to use as your avatar EVERYWHERE. I call this guy.
WARNING: I have it on good authority that this may make you laugh at work and then people will ask what you are laughing at.
NOTE: That good authority is me. That happened to me.

Chase No Face
Here is something slightly crazier only in that the world is getting crazy. This is…what the second? Third? video I’ve seen where all of the special effects were done live using the Kinect? Each one seems to be getting exponentially more technically impressive as well. I’ve been kicking around a piece on the future of the music video in the era of the internet and I can’t decide if it’s going to be super weird interactive installation pieces like the Arcade Fire’s thing with Google or if it’s going to be weird fly-by-night operations like this thing. The hackerspace equivalent of music videos. I could see myself being thrilled by either eventuality to be honest with you. If I actually dig up anything interesting using my PCWorld clout I’ll be sure to let you guys know.
WARNING: The song for this is…really not very good.
NOTE: I’m not sure this one is actually weirder than the cats but it implies a weirder future so I’m standing by the ordering.

Augmented Reality: Nico Nico Douga in Roppongi
Oh look it’s a nightclub that creates a physical space for the virtual community of a video sharing site and creates a sort of weird transmedia dance scene that’s curated by an online audience. Is it weird that my real surprise here is that this hasn’t come up sooner? I mean it’s entirely weird to think that we’ve decided our realities are TOO virtual and we’re trying to pull them back with this (also, what is this? Augmented Reality? realitized virtuality?) but it also feels weirdly inevitable, like Japan was just the first country willing to admit that all we really wanted was a place where it was socially acceptable to turn youtube into a dance party.
WARNING: The japanese conception of a nightclub atmosphere is basically as foreign as you’d expect but I’m at least partially certain that’s a cultural translation issue and not something inherent in the concept. Anybody that’s actually been to Japan can feel free to correct me.
NOTE: Either way this is pretty damn weird right? I mean the next thing would have to be REALLY damn weird to top this.

Dauphin 007, A Surreal 3D Animated Short Film
Man I really did not need to realize that I lived in a world with a surreal 3D animated quasi-Bond homage that uses tons of vaugely british iconography to disturbing effect from the mind of the Makerbot artist in residence. My brain basically just broke.
WARNING: Too terrifying to contemplate. Too pretty to ignore.
NOTE: Well I guess we’ve reached maximum weird. There’s no way that anything could ever be weirder than. OH JESUS CHRIST WHAT’S THAT?

FINE JAPAN. WE GET IT YOU ARE THE WEIRDEST EVER. JESUS. There is a fat lady in blackface doing random dances in this. There are single frames of this that are weirder than Lady Gaga’s entire career. It is basically hypnotic in it’s absolute crazy-go-nuts refusal to conform to any sort of logic whatsoever.
WARNING: This might actually break people who haven’t already been acclimated to weird things from Japan.
NOTE: Usually my warnings are jokes but that one was dead serious.

Ancient Qream From Antarctica
Finally we’re free from the crazy. Anyway, don’t let the title fool you this is not actually another post about Pharrel’s boundary-pushing liquor for the ladies. Remember when I had that post about the recovery of Shackleton’s 19th century antarctic scotch and I joke about how I wanted to be rich enough to buy it some day? Well now I can! …Sort of. It turns out there is enough of a market of historians/drunks/smart-asses like myself for a company to make a limited run of imitation Shackleton scotch bottles for $160 or so. At that price you’re obviously paying for the story as much as the Scotch but I am seriously tempted.
WARNING: This will probably end up on the list of OTP Christmas gifts for the year.
NOTE: Seriously, somebody stop me from buying this damn this.

And now a Dinosaur Comic about how we’re all pretty sick of dealing with air’s bullshit. The actual air. Not the band…though now that you mention it.
WARNING: I think being able to breath while constantly FEELING like I’m drowning may have just beaten out Tetanus on the list of things that utterly terrify me.
NOTE: That’s actually a related thought if you’re the kind of person that reads my commentary BEFORE you open the links. Let’s go get burgers.


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