Other Ten Percent 7/21/11

Jul 21 2011

How are the haps Earth children? This is your faithful author and not an alien that has taken over his life to spy on humans. Now for some of your delightful world wide hyperlinks.

MIT’s Backtalk project / art exhibit traces the unseen life of discarded gadgets
I haven’t really had time to play with this yet but the idea of an electronic art exhibit that attempts to follow back the origins of all of the different parts of your electronic devices has some really interesting theoretical implications that I’m too tired to explicate right now. Blah blah marxist critique blah blah making the invisible visible blah blah AR.
WARNING: Contains bitching about like small children in China who died to make your iPhone.
NOTE: I like the design on this.

Cooking With Qream: Qreamcakes
The Hairpin’s nascent obsession with Pharrel’s lactose-free “cream” liquor “for the laides” is paying some surprising dividends as they discover that Pharrel advises cooking with his new novelty booze and attempt to follow his advice.
WARNING: Qream turns out to be exactly as ill-advised as you’d think it was from the name.
NOTE: You could not pay me to eat the stuff they make on this.

How To Land A Plane On A New York City Skyscraper
Scouting NY has gotten a job writing for the Wall Street Journal and has put their newfound power to good use by trying to figure out what the what with a WWI era airplane that’s been sitting on a roof on water street. The answer may surprise you…because I’m not really sure what kind of answer would make you go “oh sure, that makes sense.”
WARNING: Contains a link to the Wall Street Journal
NOTE: Totally worth it though.

Monster Mashup of the Day
Here we have the musical event of the day with…wait sorry this is the Muppets one. It’s okay too.
WARNING: Contains monsters. COOKIE Monsters.
NOTE: It’s a pretty hilarious link and worth clicking on. It’s just…

Listen: Kanye West and Jay-Z: “Otis”
Guys. Guys. Guys. Shut up. No seriously. It’s happening. Watch the Throne is finally coming out on August 1st and to mock you for doubting him Kanye decided to make an Otis Redding sample into a head-banger just to prove he could. This new track also features the exact moment historians will agree that Jay-Z patched the torch to Kanye. See if you can identify it.
WARNING: You may find yourself unable to stop listening to this song. I know I have.
NOTE: I’m bout to call the Paparazzi ON MYSELF.

Uncle Duncan
Shockingly Kanye releasing a new song isn’t actually the most shocking example of a notoriously obsessive artist releasing new work. Because what is up webcomics fans PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP IS BACK. …Probably just for this one comic though. Just like the last one this comic is pretty hilarious but this does


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