Other Ten Percent 7/20/11

Jul 20 2011

Once again I have written all the words at work and I’m also looking to get my TV clubs on (and also to never say that again) so let’s get this ball rolling shall we? Also by this ball I mean these links and by rolling I mean up on the internet.

Snail Mail My Email
So who wants to work with me to really confuse the well-meaning person who started this site by using it as a coded communication channel where we speak only using designated nonsense code phrases for everything? I had an idea for a while of creating an ARG based upon the idea of a secret con artist organization that only organizes altruistic cons. I sort of love the idea of forcing this person to send out of my recruitment letters for that fake organization.
WARNING: You will probably have to use this quick before some jerk like me ruins it.
NOTE: My way of ruining it is at least pretty clever though.

Teller explains the psychology of illusions
If you didn’t already like it just from the magic tricks or that the wrong member of Penn and Teller is talking, then you should stick around for when he starts comparing the narrative beats of comedy and magic around the four minute mark. That’s when things really start getting interesting. Or interesting to me anyway. Me and my fascination with skills I do not possess.
NOTE: Seriously, it freaks me out that Teller can talk and does it all the time when he’s not “in character” especially since I can’t detect any difference between his character and his actual persona except that his character doesn’t talk.

I’m just going to go ahead and copy paste the descrption here. “map=yes by MapQuest Open and Stamen Design and using data from the OpenStreetMap project is an exploration of possibilities for online cartography and the mapping of open data. All the code used to generate these maps is available for download and liberal re-use.” That is maybe the most futuristic sentence (in terms of actual likely futures) that I’ve read all year.
WARNING: To be honest even I don’t really know what’s going on here. I just think that description is awesome.
NOTE: Very pretty though.

The Royal Tenenbaums’ House
The exciting part of this is not the house it self but the sense it gives of the kind of New York that Wes Anderson was trying to evoke in that movie.
WARNING: Contains a lot of talk about how great Wes Anderson is.
NOTE: He totally is though so it’s cool.

M83 Announces New Album; Hear New Track
The new M83 track you guys. I finally can stop playing entire albums to explain to people why I like him and just hand them this while saying “here, he finally made a dance track.” So, anyway, here, he finally made a dance track.
WARNING: Contains sax solo.
NOTE: In the sax solo game (and this has been a weirdly big year for the sax solo) he is totally killing it though.

The Beastie Boys and Santigold, “Don’t Play No Games That I Can’t Win”
Hey so I made a huge musical mistake yesterday and linked the 4 minute and not the 11 minute version of the Beastie Boys action figure video by Spike Jonze. So it turns out when I was like “they should make a longer version of this” I meant “they made a longer version of this.
WARNING: Still contains zombies.
NOTE: I want a Santigold action figure.

Coming this Fall to Theaters
Nikki and I made up almost this exact joke earlier in the week. Kate Beaton clearly stole it FROM MY BRAIN and I demand restitution in the form of a hilarious comic. Oh wait.
WARNING: Criminally hilarious
NOTE 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold


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