Other Ten Percent 7/19/11

Jul 19 2011

I wrote many words at work today. In fact, I wrote all of the words. All of them. Now I am at home and I have eaten things and it is time for me to write this blog thing that I write so I can go to sleep and work out in the morning. NARRATING MY LIFE.

ArtBloc, A Mobile Art Venue Made of Two Shipping Containers
I kinda want to retrofit these to also be an AR touring venue. So like each of them would have a few cameras to do a 3D recording along with some glass panes to do that cool projection illusion to have artificial depth for these things.
WARNING: Contains concept art.
NOTE: I mean it’s also just fine as a performance space there’s just something about how ghostly and fake looking the performers looked that made me think it would be a really great AR concept.

Fish uses tool
Damn, there goes the neighborhood. I mean when Dolphins got in on the act it at least seemed like we were sticking to the cool animals. Now fish are getting in on tool use? Next thing you know like Marsupials will be using language or some shit. Pretty soon all the cool things about humanity are going to be used by all the stupid animals.
WARNING: This is actually kinda terrifying if the other fish figure it out.
NOTE: They totally won’t though. Stupid fish.

What The Kids Are Watching of the Day
I kinda like these small indicators that all of these horrible tween shows are staffed by reasonably intelligent human beings that are probably trying to sneak stuff like this into shows all the time but only get away with it every few months.
WARNING: iCarley is a stone cold killer.
NOTE: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit.

Final movie scenes
God I really need to get my movie game together because I barely recognized like half of these.
WARNING: I don’t even think these are all that hard…I just suck maybe?
NOTE: Some of these are really easy which should help make you feel better about all of the really hard ones.

Watch the Beastie Boys’ New Action Figure Music Video Directed by Spike Jonze
And an amazing last minute addition to today’s OTP. I guarantee it will be the single best action figure based Beastie Boys video you watch all day. I want them to do these for every track on the new album.
WARNING: The note contains spoilers.
NOTE: Zombies! Also, Spike Jonze is KILLING it with the music videos these days.

Man I really haven’t seen any good crazy BLDGblog posts lately. If only they did one about a contest for theoretical ways to bridge the Straight of Gibraltar that morphed into a discussion of the geographic and architectural implications of a theoretical Straight of Gibraltar currency. OH WAIT.
WARNING: Contains a LOT of really weird concept art.
NOTE: Some of these entries look really really bad but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Educated clock chimed dirges for America’s martyrs throughout the day
I can’t decide if I should be excited or depressed that it would take me maybe two hours to set up a functionally equivalent version of this on my Phone.
WARNING: I may do that just so I can use “oh that’s just my alarm about the anniversary of the funeral of McKinley” in conversation.
NOTE: I really have no idea why I don’t get all the ladies. All of them.


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