Other Ten Percent 7/18/11

Jul 18 2011

Whoa I updated WordPress and now everything looks slightly different and it is WEIRDING ME OUT. It’s like I’ve stumbled into an alternate universe where everything is basically the same except for one or two things that only I notice like that one episode of Sliders but with blogs.

Time-Travel Adventure to Save the Life of Doctor Who
Ummmmm Hey so I am now like 800% more jealous of my England friends than my New York friends. Live action Dr. Who theater event by the people who made Sleep No More.
WARNING: Not everybody will be as excited by that as I am.
NOTE: They should be.

History Lesson of the Day
I am 100% certain that this actually happened in history.
WARNING: No it didn’t.
NOTE: Did you know that Jefferson briefed Lewis and Clark on what to do if they found a dinosaur on their journey west? I like that story because it sorta makes Jefferson seem like he had a plan for every possibile eventuality. I’d like to think that if the situation presented itself he would have been prepared to beat a gorilla with his bare hands and teach it democracy.

Brooklyn Buzzers (photo, Boing Boing Flickr Pool)
This is just a cool looking photo.
WARNING: Literally JUST a cool looking photo.
NOTE: It’s really cool though.

Pixelated animal prints
Yet another interesting twist on the aesthetics of the virtual leaking out into the really world. This one becomes more than a little unsettling if you think about it for a bit and I like that about it.
WARNING: Pixelated honey badger don’t care.
NOTE: Pixelated honey badger don’t give a fuck.

A brief history of the pneumatic tube transport systems that never were
Don’t let that title fool you because by internet standards this is one of those long and comprehensive io9 pieces that is really awesome. I’d complain about how long it was except that it’s about pneumatic tubes so I actually legally HAVE TO love it. And so I do.
WARNING: It will depress you that we don’t have these sweet pneumatic tube systems.
NOTE: Or maybe that’s just me.

Boy Detectives Girl Reporter
Have the Mystery Solving Teens finally met their match? Yes. They totally have. Kate Beaton is on a roll lately.
WARNING: She’s writing a story on how you can go eat a dick.
NOTE: The sketches below the comic are almost better than the comic itself.


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