Other Ten Percent 6/30/11

Jun 30 2011

I poked around in Google+ a bit this evening. It’s certainly not a facebook killer yet or anything but if enough people start legitimately using it and they roll out some more features in the coming months it could legitimately be pretty rad. Anyway, here are links.

‘Boardwalk Empire’: Season 2 teaser trailer
I am so psyched for this show coming back that I cannot even tell you. Only I guess I sorta can because that’s the whole point of me bringing this up. I am really psyched.
WARNING: Contains people in 20’s outfits.
NOTE: This show is really good and I will never understand why it got the HBO backlash.

Transformers 3 is a movie about how wrong you were to hate Transformers 2
io9’s Transformers 3 review is, unsurprisingly, more entertaining than Transformers 3 could ever be even if it isn’t at quite the level of brilliance Charlie Jane’s last Transformers review. I have typed the word Transformers a lot.
WARNING: You will laugh at this.
NOTE: It’s so weird to me that I’ve been doing this for long enough that I’ve posted a review of a Transformers movie AND ITS SEQUEL.

The fate of contemporary lawyers
Considering that I know a few contemporary lawyers I’m pretty bummed about this whole thing but I’m also thinking “phew thank God I didn’t end up going to law school.”
WARNING: Contains depressing Bruce Sterling commentary.
NOTE: See now watch me end up going to law school eventually anyway.

First online handles
You know, Both my longstanding “Laconic” alias and my AIM handle aren’t really that humiliating to me. Even if I do only know the word Laconic from an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I at least never ended up with like RatInACage920 or something.
WARNING: May cause you to remember some humiliating parts of your adolescence you’ve blocked out.
NOTE: I’m sort of amazed I never tried for a NIN screen name myself.

World of Fourcraft, Foursquare Hack Turns NYC Into Risk-Style Game
Okay so this is probably just because I really wish I could play an AR version of Risk that’s built on top of 4square but I really feel like this would work way better with the geography of San Francisco. The smaller area, the more clearly defined parts of town. Coe on people get on this. And New York friends, get on playing this version of it I guess.
WARNING: This game will probably not reach the critical mass of players it would need to keep going on a regular basis and that makes me sad.
NOTE: I would be really interested to see a bikers vs. subway riders war in this game.

Amazing trains that never were
I want to live in the alternate universe where St. Paul is the pulsing epicenter of an intercontinental railway system that CROSSES THE ATLANTIC OCEAN. Actually I’d be fine living in an alternate universe where any of these train lines were completed.
WARNING: A start reminder of the story state of public transportation in America.
NOTE: The “Ich bin ein propeller” joke they caption the last photo with doesn’t even really qualify as a joke and sullies an otherwise stellar article. On the plus side I got to use “sullies” which is always fun.


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