Other Ten Percent 6/29/11

Jun 29 2011

Today was a great day to be an American. I mean we didn’t really do anything that impressive as a country today or anything but it was still just generally a better plan to be an American today than to be most other nationalities, that’s all I’m saying. Also there were links on the internet. Also, what is up everybody, new M83 album coming soon.

Watch Spike Jonze and the Arcade Fire’s 30-minute dystopian movie, Scenes From The Suburbs
Hey so, SHOCKING TWIST. The incredibly awesome Arcade Fire video by Spike Jonze that was going to get expanded to a short film? Turns out the short film is also fantastic.
WARNING: Achingly nostalgic.
NOTE: Aching nostalgia for notional futures seems like something that should have come up more now that I think about it.

The Shocking True Tale Of The Mad Genius Who Invented Sea-Monkeys
Sometimes I really really like The Awl. This is one of those times. I’m not even going to ruin this one with commentary you should just read it because it’s entertaining.
WARNING: contains anecdotes.
NOTE: They totally should have called this “The Old Man and the Sea Monkeys.”

Should we dig up Shakespeare’s body to find out if he smoked pot?
Ummmm Yes. Obviously we should. I can’t believe we’re even asking this question when we could be digging up Shakespeare’s body and finding out if he smoked pot. 420 exit pursued by a bear everyday.
WARNING: The actual science behind this is like laughably terrible so don’t be too disappointed if Shakespeare didn’t smoke weed.
NOTE: I’m pretty proud of the exit pursued by a bear joke but I feel like there’s a better Shakespeare/stoner bit waiting to happen. Feel free to e-mail me your suggestions.

Ballad of a sort-of frog
This thing looks like a frog that is wearing a really unconvincing disguise and who is starting to suspect that we are onto his clever ruse. Also I was getting ready to sing the praises of Maggie Koerth-Baker for this post and then I was like “wait I’m not even sure she wrote this one.” Then before I could switch tabs to double-check I was like “yes I am.”
WARNING: Contains Tapirs.
NOTE: Supcontinent of Gondwana is my new all-star jamband name.

Splitscreen: A Love Story
Ugh it almost annoys me how well done this is because the general premise of it is so simple and so twee that I kinda wanted to cut it really bad. But then they were like “what if this was just like stunningly well done? And I was like…fine shut up I’ll post you.
WARNING: I am not kidding, this shit will give you a toothache.
NOTE: I wonder how long they had to wait for some of these shots.

Song by Scottish Band FOUND Released on Playable Chocolate Record
I want to review this song both sonically and gustatorily but confuse the two reviews like I have synesthesia. Hooray for journalism projects where the potential audience is approximately me.
WARNING: Regardless of musical content my review would have contained the line “It has a nice beat with a latin flavor” as the punchline.
NOTE: I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t want to be friends with me anymore.

Banana Republic x “Mad Men” collection
So I’m really just posting this because I like how this post that starts off bitching about Banana Republic just sort of weirdly transforms into a paean to Pete Campbell’s wardrobe. It’s the sort of drifting, conversational shift I make all the time when I’m not careful to start with a decent plan for where my sentence is going and yet somehow they managed to do a written version of that and then add links and hit post.
WARNING: Again with the menswear posts.
NOTE: They’re kinda right about the Banana Republic stuff sucking by the way. Ladies, convince your boyfriends to dress like dudes from Mad Men by shopping at thrift stores.


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