Other Ten Percent 6/28/11

Jun 28 2011

Today was a busy day in being busy. It was a good day and everything, but a busy one. I always know it’s going to be busy when I’ve got to write OTP in two pieces at various points in the day. When I finish writing this first half I’m going to go off to dinner and then have TV club on a Monday and then finish this up before I go to sleep. Tell me how that all went down future me- Turns out it went pretty swell. Also here in the future we say swell. At least until tomorrow morning when we will probably stop. Oh hey, here in the future there are links!

Arduino Goes to War
I’ve decided that I’m bored with possible futures and I’m way more into radically weird parts of the present again. Just me and William Gibson chilling out and watching the inevitable militarization of the open source hardware movement.
WARNING: Make is not scared by this even though it is sorta terrifying.
NOTE: It looks cool though. I like how much this West Point grad gets the DIY aesthetic.

Beer archaeologist
A new favorite job title for you to be jealous you don’t have. There’s a series of articles somebody should write: the best jobs only one guy has. All the weird ones of course not like “President of the United States.” Like historians on obscure awesome things or people who facilitate awesome stuff.
WARNING: Contains really old beer.
NOTE: Really old beer sounds kinda gross.

Movie Trailer of the Day
I did not even need to watch this to figure out how awesome Pixar’s trailer for their first film with a female protagonist was going to be. I took the time to watch it however (the only video I’ve managed to look at while AT WORK today) and it was super awesome. I look forward to just pretending like Cars 2 never happened next year.
NOTE: Seriously there is a bear. I am in the seats at midnight is what I’m telling you people.

Subliminal self-help record player
Seriously who needs the future when the past is already so many different kinds of weird. I am finally old. I finally want the future to slow down so that I can catch up with all the weird things I never even knew existed before.
WARNING: I somehow think a world where stuff like this actually worked would be way more terrifying than the one where people were just willing to shell out money for it.
NOTE: I kinda want to try it though. Too bad it already sold.

Warby Parker founder Neil Blumenthal speaks at Big Omaha conference
My glasses I currently have are Warby Parkers and I really like them.
WARNING: Hippie shit about glasses
NOTE: No, for reals.

Urban Improv of the Day
I know I say this a lot but this is pretty much objectively the best Improv Everywhere they’ve ever done. The way that I know that is true is that this is the one that I am genuinely really angry I didn’t think of first. This bit is so totally up my alley.
WARNING: You will never wear an outfit as cool as that one Jockey dude.
NOTE: I love that this one doesn’t seem to have made anybody angry. Did you ever listen to the This American Life about Improv Everywhere and the guy who was “so traumatized” by the one where they threw a party for a random person and it was him? I sorta couldn’t decide if I hated that guy or that they gave him an excuse to bitch more.

Strong Female Characters
So ummmm. Nobody needs to create female action heroes anymore because Kate Beaton has basically created the absolute best possible female action hero. Also, one step plan for Jezebel to earn my respect back: make their banner the animated last panel of this comic.
WARNING: Not safe for mysoginist workplaces that don’t know that Sexism is over.
NOTE: All my favorite female webcomics authors talking about Power Girl’s Wikipedia Page makes a lot more sense now.


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