Other Ten Percent 6/27/11

Jun 27 2011

Well it seems my debit card has been compromised. So that’s fun. Anyway let’s see what other wacky adventures I can get up to if I believe in myself or something. Also let’s look at some links.

You’re Welcome – Hacker Threat
Haim pointed this one out to me. John Hodgman gives the absolute best coverage of the recent wave of hacks that I can imagine. Truly, there’s nowhere to go but down for tech journalism from here on out.
WARNING: Contains a non-fake mustache.
NOTE: I have seen like 5 Tron homages in the past month in comedy shows. What is up with that? Are we just getting around to Tron Legacy humor or something?

Solar Sinter Project: 3D Printing with Sunlight and Sand
Man this would be a fun post apocalyptic future huh? Everybody wandering around in the desert 3D printing all the non food objects that they need and then…you know…killing each other for food. Okay so maybe fun isn’t right right word.
WARNING: Weird environmental undercurrents.
NOTE: It’s more of a proof of concept than a real notional future at the moment but that’s sort of to be expected.

Sequential Crush Is … Too Perfect to Love
I feel like maybe I talked about Sequential Crush before back in the day but I’m too lazy to look it up and make sure. Either way it is worth posting again because it’s one of those great blog concepts that you probably aren’t going to add to your RSS reader. A survey of the old romance comics from the 60’s and 70’s. The one Hairpin is linking to is actually kind of sweet and progressive in its own way. Also basically every single page of it should be stolen and made into people’s facebook profile pictures. Just saying.
WARNING: Contains a hot redhead girl that would basically never be single no matter how much she talked about your masters thesis sucking.
NOTE: Why DON’T you date a computer? Is it because they can’t do that awesome karate chop gesture when they’re breaking up with you?

Bearing by Roland Tamayo
Meanwhile, at the best concept art that has ever existed.
WARNING: Whales of war.
NOTE: I know this isn’t actually about WWII but I want all history books immediately rewritten to make this an accurate representation of the Pacific theater. Somebody get on that.

Eliza: what makes you think I’m a psychotherapeutic chatbot?
Did you know that the guy who made the Eliza chatbot went sort of batshit and decided that its existence meant that humanity would over-anthropomorphize machines and lose all sense of real social connection? Well you’ll know that and a whole lot more when you’re done reading this really long history of Eliza.
WARNING: Lots of words about a chatbot.
NOTE: Batshit may be a bit far but I think he’s pretty firmly overreacting against the stupidity of techno-utopianism. But then again I am holding out to put my brain in a robot body so what do I know.

The Pickup Artist
Nedroid really knows how to get the ladies.
WARNING: Tips on how to get the ladies only work if you are an astronaut.
NOTE: This is kinda how me hitting on girls in bars usually goes. Only I suspect THEY are lying.


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