Other Ten Percent 6/24/11

Jun 24 2011

Today was another good day. I got a free lunch and my Sonic story (did you know it was Sonic’s 20th birthday? Well if you didn’t I guess it’s kinda too late now) did okay on the site. Also if you guys need yet more music to listen to here is Girl Talk’s 154 Track Summer Mix. I wanted to talk to Jane about it today but she wasn’t on AIM. I’m going to assume she was just busy jamming to it all day. Or working. One of those two.

Put This On Episode 6: Body
So it was kind of a slow internet day. I actually didn’t have a chance to look at my RSS reader till like 3pm and I was expecting an embarrassment of riches. Instead I had post some stuff I’d normally cut to get to 5 entires. That’s okay thought because I probably should be posting this stuff. For instance this episode of Put This On is supposedly about dressing for different body tips and they’ve got some good tips for that but the interesting stuff is more about like “here is how you can get your clothes tailored so they actually fit you and when that is actually impossible.
WARNING: There is basically nothing for the ladies in this one. The dudes aren’t even cute unless you’ve got a thing for Jesse Thorn. Which, I dunno, maybe you do? I don’t want to judge.
NOTE: My jackets totally need to be longer. FUN FACT.

Futurama’s Writers Reveal Six Hidden Jokes You Probably Missed
Futurama is back tonight you guys. Our long (two weeks) national nightmare (me having no new sci-fi to watch) is finally over. To make this mildly entertaining for non-me people who are also not Rachel I would like to present you these six Futurama fun facts. Rachel and I already knew them all because we listened to the commentary tracks like real fans but whatever there’s some great stuff in here. I love that Futurama has mathematics PHDs on staff and actually puts that shit to use.
WARNING: Contains cartoon trivia.
NOTE: I actually didn’t know the one about Bender and the old Apple chip so there’s that.

Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever
Hey so guess what’s wrong with Coffee. Not a goddamn thing. Except maybe that we’ve gotta export it from other countries…or just shift the Earth’s axis. I guess that’s another option.
WARNING: Repeats the “coffee caused the enlightenment” claim and as much fun as that claim is the fact that it is basically totally impossible to prove outside of a correlation/causation level always worries me.
NOTE: If you are planning to kill yourself using coffee this video will be a rude awakening.

Bell-dummy for training pickpockets
So I read a thing that I now can’t find about how pick-pocketing is basically dead in most of the US because the risk/reward on it verses just like stealing credit card info online means you’d have to be an idiot to be a pick-pocket. Which means two things. One is that I check my back pocket to see if my wallet is still there every five minutes like some cop told me to do when I first moved to New York FOR NO GOOD REASON. The second is that pick-pocketing training and culture is now utterly fascinating to me because it’s a lost criminal art and that’s pretty neat. I mean most criminal skills are sorta evergreen. I mean sure you have to step up your game as advancements are made but it’s not like “oh lock-picking is dead”
WARNING: This thing is probably totally made up and they never trained pick-pockets this way.
NOTE: I really wish they did because it reminds me of how they trained foot-soldiers in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

Black Heart
Okay so as it turns out I was REALLY hurting for links today so have a drink recipe I think looks cool.
WARNING: I have not actually had this drink yet so it is possible it sucks.
NOTE: No seriously this place is right around the corner from me. Let’s get drunk.


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