Other Ten Percent 6/23/11

Jun 23 2011

A second highly productive day in a row. The high point of my day was probably getting Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen to write a piece for PCWorld in an upcoming issue and also to have her compliment my name because she is a big fan of alliteration. The point is I am CLEARLY headed for a fall. Who knows what kind of folly this hubris portends. Maybe I’ll start writing really overwrought sentences in my intros or something horrible like that. Or maybe I will just go to the links. LIIIIINKS.

Keira Rathbone’s Typewriter Art
I was really convinced that I’d already covered like this but a quick search of the archives shows nothing for typewriter art. I guess that’s what happens when my niche is “shockingly specific weird things” the incredibly weird sort of starts to blend together after a while. This specific combination of dead media and precisely detailed work would have been worth a look anyway even if I had already blogged it in the past.
WARNING: Just thinking about how much time this would take may hurt your brain.
NOTE: I want one of these now but it costs actual rich person amounts of money.

Finger Tentacles
Live the dream. The dream of being half man half octopus. If that is your dream I mean. I don’t want to judge either way. All I’m saying is that this is a fantastic way to terrify your loved ones and pets and THAT is my dream.
WARNING: These might be expensive? I really wasn’t paying enough attention to that.
NOTE: This is also a great way to prey on the Octopus’s natural fear that we will evolve into it.

Augmented Reality: Projection-mapping the evolution of mobile
I know like I never shut up about projection mapping but this is the single most impressive projection mapping thing I have ever seen. It’s actually like borderline Holodeck territory at some points. It’s also terrifying because the most advanced augmented reality I’ve yet to see in the entire world is…a phone advertisement.
WARNING: There will be a second AR post later today.
NOTE: You guys remember snake? You will after this is done.

Emoticons We Need in These Troubled Times
Truly, the Hairpin is here and ready to solve the problems of our world today. I think my favorite is “sorry, I am a vampire” but they all have their uses really. By current estimates 90% of all Twitter users will need the first one by 2015.
WARNING: Sex jokes.
NOTE: Funny ones though so you’ll probably be okay.

A chronicle of architecture from the lost civilization of Areth
God sometimes I sorta feel like io9 is my mean ex who just keeps rubbing in how great they are just to spite me. Fine. You do theoretical architectural archeology posts about notional lost civilizations IN SPACE. I GET IT ALREADY YOU’RE GREAT, LET IT GO.
WARNING: Once again I am probably the only person at the center of the interest venn diagram for this one.
NOTE: The art for this looks pretty fantastic though.

Long pages
Somebody said something to me the other day that made it sound like you guys have free time again. Let me fix that with this list of the longest wikipedia pages. If you look at this for more than two minutes you are guaranteed to get sucked down the wikipedia rabbit hole for at least half a day.
WARNING: I am not even joking. You will get sucked in. Not because these articles are amazing but because they are all so amazingly banal for the amount of work contributed to them.
NOTE: There are a disturbingly large number of these that are “X month Y year in Sports.” The longest wikipedia page is every 2nd edition D&D monster ever. The second longest is August of last year in sports.

3D Printed Zoetrope
Here is a 3D printed zoetrope. Since it was created by the former head animator on Archer it officially was enough awesome things at once that I had to post it even if it’s more “proof of concept” than “greatest thing ever.”
WARNING: Tragically it is not a Zoetrope OF Archer because I would basically never stop blogging about that.
NOTE: If you don’t know what a Zoetrope is off the top of your head you’ll remember very quickly after clicking the link.

Augmented reality app concept conjures movie scenes shot in your location (video)
Okay so I’m sorry I did a second AR post in one day but this one is just so great for imagined futures. An AR app that lets you superimpose movie scenes on their actual physical locations in the real world seems like an awesome way to get a bunch of AR content quickly out of media we already have. Plus, a possible future that would be both amazing and terrifying: this crossed with ubiquitous life-logging results in a future where important historical events can be “played back” in the actual spaces where they took place with relative ease.
WARNING: It’s just a concept demo at the moment.
NOTE: I admit the surveillance state part of that future is terrifying but lets face it, that one’s pretty much in the cards. Let’s at least try and get a cool locative wikipedia out of the deal.


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