Other Ten Percent 6/22/11

Jun 22 2011

It is amazing how productive I can be when I put my mind to it. I got a just a ton of stuff done today really. Go me. Tragically I have yet more things to be productive about before my day ends and so I’ve kinda gotta just keep on kicking with this and not write 200 words on every single link. Of course every time I say that I end up feeling guilty and writing way more than I normally would. Let’s see if that happens again today. Oh also, this isn’t going to get its own full link but try this Hood Internet mix. It’s apparently an old one but I’ve been enjoying it all day. I also think I’ll play it at my cookout on July 2nd…yeah I am totally going to write a ton today.

Our eyes are theoretically capable of sensing magnetic fields
Hey so there’s a favorite utterly bizarre headline of the day. This is yet another thing where I think I’m probably the only person that is sort of genuinely jealous of cool shit animals can do. I always thought sensing magnetic fields was a pretty bad-ass ability for God to not give to us but to give to like…birds. So I’m crying fowl on this one by seriously hoping we can cultivate some sort of implant that allows us to see in the electromagnetic spectrum with our own physical eyes before I die.
WARNING: We will almost certainly never get that implant.
NOTE: I am really sorry about that bird pun. It just sort of happened and then I didn’t want to take it back.

Indie Game: The Movie Debut Trailer
This has a few too many shots in it that are like “this is really pretty but has no thematic resonance but still, this should help me bide the time while I’m waiting for 2 Player Productions to finish their Minecraft documentary. It also has interviews with quite a few really fascinating people in it and apparently music by Jim Guthrie who did all the music for Sword and Sworcery which all of you should play if you have an iOS device.
WARNING: It’ll probably help if you know anything about the indie gaming scene so this is maybe not the crossover hit that makes this burst into the public consciousness.
NOTE: I really like the sunbeams through the pier shot you guys. I didn’t mean to hate.

In this eensy-weensy pod house, your car is your living room
You know, amazingly enough I’m posting this concept art for a product despite thinking the concept art looks pretty boring actually. I just find the concept of going for an environmental future that thinks that housing is a bigger problem than cars fascinating. It’s like a window into what lefty concerns are in an alternate universe where we all decided we liked Jimmy Carter chiding us about everything and fixed emissions.
WARNING: This doesn’t look like the most comfortable notional housing solution either.
NOTE: That was a cheap shot at Jimmy Carter you guys. I didn’t mean to hate.

The world is full of fake sounds
I know I’m supposed to be sort of angry when the curtain gets pulled back on this kind of stuff but my reaction to really carefully considered artificiality is always to find it really interesting. It becomes artistic in some weird way to my brain, as if there were these whole other art forms that I’d been appreciating for years without actually consciously considering it. I suppose it’s kind of like that in that that’s exactly what’s going on. Do you suppose there’s some alternate reality out there where these artificial sounds have sound design awards and a real community of people judging them? Do you suppose that’s OUR reality and I’m just not looking into this enough?
WARNING: You may never look at a car door the same way again.
NOTE: I kind of want to see a whole essay on the history of the ATM sound. Where does it come from, why can’t we let it go? I wonder how many of these legacy sounds that are reproducing experiences most of us have rarely or never actually had exist in the world.

Women With Books They’re Not Reading in Art
I just keep imaging all of these master artists looking over these guys shoulders and going “that is ridiculous, women can’t read. Just have her stare off into space or something.” The one with a book on her head is my favorite by the way, which one is your favorite?
WARNING: Contains medieval art.
NOTE: These art history round-ups are my new favorite semi-regular feature on the Hairpin.

Eddie Murphy, circa 1982
I’ve recently become really excited when I find one of these old celebrity profiles from the start of somebody’s career. Something about the combination of how well written they often are with how disposable they are in a historical context makes them really fascinating reading. Some day when I have a lot of free time (Ha!) I should just try and round up as many of these things as I can and just do a whole day of them or something.
WARNING: A lot of really lavish praise for Eddy Murphy which will really depress you when you remember Pluto Nash
NOTE: Seriously well written though. Totally worth reading.


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