Other Ten Percent 6/21/11

Jun 21 2011

Man so this day. She just keeps going. Also the day turned into a woman earlier. So that was weird.

Morning Fluff
Maru is back. Basically so long as Maru and a box remain joy will still exist somewhere in the world and that’s a comforting thing to think about at times like these. Also the box falls over in this when he jumps in it and that is funny.
WARNING: Contains cats.
NOTE: Contains boxes.

Mark Day Interviews The Lonely Island at YouTube HQ
So has anybody else stopped and sat down to think how weird these like internet versions of the talk show are? Like the bizarre combination of unnecessary adherence to a format and bizarrely breaking away from the traditions by not having the resources or the knowledge to actually replicate it properly seems so core to YouTube that I’m almost ready to argue that they’re doing it on purpose here.
WARNING: Pretty long and also a video.
NOTE: Also contains an actual interview.

The invention of email
So this is also quite long, I assume if they’re all this long then the whole five part series will be pretty gigantic. But due to a recently developed interest in Tech Journalism I find this whole thing pretty awesome. I also love that there is an emulator that lets you relive the early days of e-mail. That’s just such a bizarrely perfectly modern little thing.
WARNING: Errol Morris.
NOTE: I’m kind of a sucker for any story set at MIT from 1940 to 1980.

Man realizes he owns the last immensely stupid “Square Earth” map in existence
So besides the obvious “it is a map David will blog about it” aspects of this it’s just generally pretty incredible. The dedication to the insanely complex cosmological system you have to set up to split the difference between random metaphorical shit in the bible and actual observable reality results in a weird donut world with giant Australia sized angels making sure we don’t fuck with outer space. A part of me actually wishes this was true.
WARNING: Giant angels.
NOTE: I wonder if anybody sells copies of these things but at the same time I’m too lazy to actually check into it myself.

What Happens Online In 60 Seconds
Now it’s time for a good old fashioned infographic break. Sometimes it’s just nice to see pleasingly arranged numbers.
WARNING: Terrifying internet knowledge
NOTE: I once read a thing that like two days of video was being uploaded to YouTube every minute or something absurd like that. This is like the multimedia version of that statistic.

Soft-Circuit GPS Helps You Find Home
New project idea is to cross this with the noisebridge project I heard about once that constantly puts slight pressure on the sole of your foot to point magnetic north using a shoe insert so you just have a constant, invisible cyborg sense of which direction home is in.
WARNING: I will never actually build that because I’m lazy.
NOTE: This project is still pretty cool but I wish that DIY fashion tech was more fashionable and less like…the concept cars of clothing.

I was saying boo-urns. Nedroid was saying something else but I was saying boo-urns.
WARNING: G-g-g-g-ghosts!
NOTE: Reading is fundamental.


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