Other Ten Percent 6/20/11

Jun 20 2011

I am finally getting into the groove of doing this on my new laptop I think. Maybe? I dunno. I bought some new shoes today and I style blogger asked to take my picture. Then I ate a Super Duper Burger. That is a brand. They are maybe exaggerating slightly. Still, a good day. Tomorrow (or yesterday depending on your point of view because time is not a linear construct in blogging) is father’s day and there is a great deal going on for that. Hopefully it will all be fun too, especially for my dad! Here is a collection of links.

Animals Being Dicks
Finally, the first website to really tell it like it is since Fuck You, Penguin. This time they even have video evidence that basically all animals are stupid jerks. Animals, you are the worst and I am watching you.
WARNING: Squirrel attack!
NOTE: Also hilarious dog gifs.

Time-Lapse of The Milky Way Over the Plains of South Dakota
I was going to cut this for time because it’s sort of absurd how often i post bullshit time-lapse video of the sky but…guys there is a windmill in this one and it is SO PRETTY.
WARNING: Yeah I am sorry I am sending you more videos of the sky
NOTE: I kinda want to go to South Dakota now. I’m sure I’d get over it once I got there.

Airport Antics of the Day
Having been stuck at DFW before the urge to do this is practically overwhelming after about…20 minutes.
WARNING: Contains wheelchair races.
NOTE: I can’t tell if they actually broke into the Applebees there or what the deal is with the kitchen shot.

A Brief History of the Corporation: 1600 to 2100
Economic history you guys. The world’s most exciting topic. Seriously though you should read this because there’s some super rad stuff in here.
WARNING: Lots of numbers up in here.
NOTE: It also gets a bit wacky as it predicts the future of the corporation but that’s predicting the future for you.

I can’t look you in the voice
Did you know that Dorothy Parker was even better than you at procrastinating? It’s true! She totally was way more charming about not getting her work done than you will ever be in a million years. Sorry regular people. I mean, she also had the advantage of telegrams which instantly make anything charming so don’t feel too bad about it.
WARNING: Contains history.
NOTE: It isn’t even that good of a joke? Why does it work so well.

Some Greek Couple Sketches
Only Kate Beaton can get this much comedy milage out of a naked woman and a swan.
WARNING: Actual naked chicks up in here. Maybe not so much with the opening this at work.
NOTE: The facial expression is what makes it on the Pygmalion one.


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