Other Ten Percent 6/17/11

Jun 17 2011

I went to go see the Neal Patrick Harris version of Company tonight (one of those movie theater screenings) and it was really good. Basically everybody in it was really good. Then I realized I had not even started on OTP and i wasn’t getting home till 10:30 so that was pretty dumb of me. Anyway I was in luck because there was only so much internet today.

Tattooed Youth
Did you know that Filter did a six page piece on Pete and Pete a few years back? I totally didn’t until it got linked in today’s Pete and Pete review on the Onion AV club. Anyway this whole interview is actually pretty much charming and adorable and has a ton of stuff about how both Petes basically got to be the coolest people on earth.
WARNING: You will never get to blow out an amp with Iggy Pop
NOTE: They were doing that at age 10 or something. Jesus Christ.

Richard Branson’s Airplane Safety Video
Jane, new idea for your job. Just suggest playing this over and over again as the solution for basically any advertising problem you guys have from now on.
WARNING: That is a terrible idea.
NOTE: But also, kinda, an incredible one.

Taglines for Romantic Comedies That Will Never Exist
I really, seriously want to dedicate my life to making short films of all of these. “All’s fair in Lovecraft and Warcraft” basically writes itself and “He was a robot, sent to protect her. She was a jar of olives. There was some kind of technical glitch, in the time traveling process” is the terminator sequel I think we all wanted to see.
WARNING: You will probably laugh out loud at at least one of these.
NOTE: The only tragedy of actually making these would be that I would ruin that fantastic title.

NYC Summer Movies
If you are in New York then you may have noticed it is summer right now in that you kinda want to die it is so hot some days and also you are basically tripping over free outdoor movie screenings. In case you actually need to know when and where they are to plan on some of them here is a big convenient list of them.
WARNING: Does the city of New York have some tax incentive to show Goonies in a public space at least 4 times a year or something?
NOTE: Because if so then my faith in government is restored.

Urban infiltrators explore a 50-story abandoned tower in Bangkok
Someday I’m going to figure out what it is that I find so fascinating about photographs of urban ruins because I feel like it’s gotta be more complex than that it just looks cool and post apocalyptic. I’m not that easy am I?
WARNING: Contains arty black and white photography.
NOTE: …I’m totally that easy.

I like any art installation that I mistake for some sort of CGI. I especially like art installations that look and sound like the ceiling is trying to eat me.
WARNING: Oh God the ceiling is trying to eat us!
NOTE: Oh wait…no. No it’s just art.


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