Other Ten Percent 5/31/11

May 31 2011

So my Dad did bring his laptop and it’s looking like I should be able to find internet every day to keep doing these all week. HOORAY. Since I finished writing the monday entry at like noon on Friday I had 130 entires in my RSS reader that I had narrowed things down to for today so it was time to have an arbitrary cut-off distinction. We’re doing another “the future is going to be weird” OTP is what I’m trying to say.

Did you know that the girl from YACHT wrote sci-fi reviews? Because I totally didn’t until this. Anyway, now you can have a sci-fi themed mix-tape from her.
WARNING: I have not actually listened to this so maybe it’s terrible?
NOTE: The concept of it is pretty rad though you have to admit.

Social Engineering
Man there’s a techno-thriller plot point waiting to happen. Tiny systems the size of a wall plug that allow you to selectively alter the input/output of any computer that’s plugged into it. Like all good weird visions of the future this one has a nice old-school resonance for me. It feels like the Linux flavored version of old WWII era cryptography spying. Controlling information networks invisibly using a very tiny physical thing.
WARNING: Clarlie Stross is actually a bigger nerd about this than I am so I may be misunderstanding what’s going on here…but I don’t think so.
NOTE: I kinda want one of these for office pranks.

NutriSmart prototype embeds RFID tags directly within food, traces your lunch from start to finish (video)
Welcome to the edible, networkable, fully tagged and cross-referenceable future. Food that knows what it is and where it is and you can eat it anyway…which has really weird network culture implications on the “you are what you eat” front. I have a feeling this wont catch on because it’s, you know, crazy, but I think I’d kinda enjoy this particular brand of weird future.
WARNING: Probably horrifying to organic food people.
NOTE: They seem to have a pretty good graphic designer on staff and that’s like half the battle for these sorts of schemes.

MTM Snap, a Snap-Together CNC
I know personal manufacturing isn’t exactly cutting edge futurism anymore but surely portable personal manufacturing still has at least some coolness factor to it.
WARNING: Guys PCWorld finally bought a Makerbot so you can expect me to never shut up about it in a few months.
NOTE: CNC Machines are not 3D printers but they’re still cool.

Vacation like a Bond villain in this invisible room near the Arctic Circle
Okay the only way this is really futuristic is that I want to live in one of these in the future. Tragically that won’t be the
WARNING: Once again shows my obsession with tree-houses.
NOTE: If you do not kinda want to live in this thing we aren’t friends anymore.

Awesome People Hanging Out Together
Okay so this is generally just a spectacular idea and basically the only disappointing thing about this blog is that some of these are modern and you sort of expect all famous people to hang out these days. Still that the art world and the acting world or basically any two worlds of awesome people from more than 20 years ago every collided is endlessly fascinating to me. My tenuous connection to the future is my hope that I will show up in a photo like this someday, even if it’s only in the background. I feel like I know enough disparte awesome people that that’s possible.
WARNING: Some of these photos may actually be TOO AWESOME.
NOTE: Dali hung out with EVERYBODY.

Fun Fact of the Day
Okay so this is so incredibly awesome that I am entirely certain that it is a lie. It also has absolutely no connection to the future whatsoever. BUT IT IS A PENGUIN GETTING A MILITARY PROMOTION AND COME ON THAT PICTURE IS AMAZING. Somebody needs to photoshop that penguin into every single Awesome People Hanging Out Together photo.
WARNING: Contains a penguin. The best penguin.
NOTE: Wait I just came up with a future connection. He will one day command the entire world.


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