Other Ten Percent 5/30/11

May 30 2011

Pssst guys, don’t tell anyone but I’m throwing together this SUPER QUICK OTP for Monday so you’ve got something to look at. Still no promises about Tuesday-Thursday.

Music Video of the Day
This is actually why I decided to put together an entry. It seemed stupid to make you guys wait a week for the Justice video because it’s great…but it’s not THAT great. So I found myself too excited to leave it out and not excited enough to think it’d last till next Friday when it would probably have made the rounds. You might not have seen it for this memorial day though. Have fun with it.
Warning: Contains Bison
Note: I am Ozymandias King of Kings. Look on my works ye mighty and despair.

“Literally Unbelievable”
Facebook messages from people taking Onion articles at face value. It may shock you to learn that people are fucking stupid. If so, please start paying more attention. I think my favorites/the ones that make me despair the most are the ones where they use the article as a call to action.
Warning: You will despair for the future of humanity
Note: The one about the “abortionplex” just isn’t dying off is it?

Arphid Watch: ThingMagic, RFID, social networks
It seriously irritates me how smart Bruce Sterling is sometimes. He just tosses off ideas better than what I find in the rest of my RSS reader for an entire week. In this entry that is ostensibly about RFID tags he’s just throws in a random parenthetical aside. ”events are the new magazines.” Just let that one simmer for a minute. Events are the new magazines. They TOTALLY are. That one sentence is the best tech journalism I’ve seen all year and I’m a professional tech journalist and AND I know that whole entry couldn’t have taken him more than twenty minutes.
Warning: He, frustratingly, does not expand upon that at all in the entry.
Note: There’s other good stuff in there though.

The Neo-Medieval Habits of Tomorrow’s Ruling Classes
Absolutely the best commentary I’ve seen on that utterly weird “Zuckerberg kills his own meat” story. Instead of just making it a story about how weird of a dude he is lets take a moment to talk about the historical echoes of privledge, food, and death. <3 io9.
Warning: Contains foxes.
Note: I need more warnings than just saying what things contain.

I Guess we Met Somewhere Once?
Another incredibly specific Dinosaur Comics e-card. This time however I’m fairly certain that everybody on this list is going to be able to use this e-card, or at least will want to use it, sometime in the very near future.
Warning: Probably you should resist that urge though.
Note: Seriously though, who are these people?


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