Other Ten Percent 5/27/11

May 27 2011

Guys! This is the 300th post since I started the website version of Other Ten Percent. It is also maybe the last one for a week? Turns out I don’t get in until super late on Wednesday so you may not see one of these till next Friday. I am sorry too. For reals. I know I’ve been busy lately and bitching about OTP sometimes but only because I end up doing it super late and I feel like I’m not giving it my all. Hopefully you guys are still enjoying it while I figure out how to integrate it into my life as a working stiff.

China used prisoners in lucrative internet gaming work
We live in a world where people are literally used as slave labor to create virtual wealth that can be sold in black markets to lazy americans willing to pay real money for online status. We live in a weird weird fucking world.
Warning: This is actually really depressing.
Note: Somebody already grabbed this before I got to work this morning. I was going to be ALL OVER writing about it.

Unbearably Cute Cat Video of the Day
Seriously. It’s unbearable. Like…maybe history’s most adorable thing.
Warning: It is unbearably cute.
Note: Cats are good huggers. Who knew?

Matthew Lyons
Do Drawn just likes this guy because he’s a fantastic fucking artist, and he is. But I also like that his art, at least here, is about making the invisible visible especially in regards to alternative energy sources. That’s a topic that’s fascinating to me at least.
Warning: Contains hippy energy shit.
Note: Not really though.

The Ostrich, A Pillowy Sleep Cocoon For Your Head
This is exactly as awesome as it is terrifying. I’m not sure how they walked that line so exactingly but OH MAN did they ever.
Warning: Border-line pornographic if you’ve got that kind of mind.
Note: Again, not really though.

A super fun gaming-inspired music video by Mike Scott
Hey so this is generally awesome enough that I let it go since there’s only a few moments of it but as a fan of really good pixel artists what is the deal with creating really crass pixel arts stuff. Is it just a rebellion against the sort of forcibly wholesome world of early video-games that was forced by editorial fiat to not contain any of that stuff? I only ask because I feel like this is actually really common, way more common than it is in this video actually and I sorta wish it would stop because it’s very rarely entertaining and it keeps me from linking around a lot of awesome Pixel art stuff.
Warning: Contains a quick joke about a pixel dong that I apparently won’t stop complaining about.
Note: It’s actually really good in general…well the art is.

My Drunk Kitchen
I’m going to be honest with you again, I got home very late and I do not have speakers at work so I have not watched these. But how could they not be AMAZING? The culinary equivalent of Drunk History? COME ON
Warning: Contains alcohol.
Note: Contains food.


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