Other Ten Percent 5/26/11

May 26 2011

Once in a very great while a post on the internet comes along that basically redeems the entire enterprise of the web despite all the horrible things it’s done to the poor innocent record industry. Today is such a day. See if you can spot which post it is.

ColecoVision 1983 TV ad for George Plimpton’s “Video Falconry” game
IT’S THIS ONE YOU GUYS STOP GUESSING THIS IS THE POST. John Hodgman, in a recent Judge John Hodgman about video games, stated that the only video game he ever mastered was a 1983 ColecoVision game called George Plimpton’s Video Falconry along with establishing the game’s suitably amazing cheat codes. Now, the internet hive mind has taken it upon it upon itself to “unearth” the amazing 1983 tv ad for the game. Guys fiction is effecting reality and it’s doing so by creating amazing old school video games about birds of prey and founders of the paris review.
Warning: You will want to play George Plimpton’s Video Falconry after watching this but you won’t be able to.
Note: I’m really hoping this serves as an actual game trailer though because that looked suspiciously like a flash game that might get uploaded on Newgrounds in the near future.

The story behind the world’s oldest museum, built by a Babylonian princess 2,500 years ago
Another in the long line of questions about history I never thought to ask but am fascinated to know the answer to. Also this really makes me want to make a ton of Ur-museum jokes. You’re welcome.
Warning: That joke was terrible.
Note: this post is still fascinating though.

Anatomy of a Mashup
Hey, you got HTML 5 in my Daft Punk! You got Daft Punk in my HTML 5! etc etc. Seriously though this is some heavy duty music visualization and I sorta wonder, after this and the earlier Girl Talk one, if there isn’t some sort of market for boutique single track/album music visualization programming.
Warning: Maybe not the best mashup ever even for people like me that aren’t sick of mashups yet.
Note: The visuals are totally worth it though, at least stick around till there’s like 8 samples going at once.

“Recluse Heiress” Huguette Clark’s Fascinating Obituary
Here, have the obituary of a woman that was a shut-in since the 1930’s. Seriously her life was even more weird and fascinating than her name and that name is FANTASTIC.
Warning: Kinda disturbing at some points.
Note: It’s on the NYTs site so I’m contractually obligated to be all “argle bargle paywalls.”

Subways That Open into Buildings
You know, when I lived there I felt like I was pretty “with it” about New York and it’s many secrets. However I had no idea about the hidden library branch at the 50th street 6 train stop. LIZ THIS IS VITAL INFORMATION FOR YOUR SUMMER IN NEW YORK. Also everyone else I guess. Does anybody else ever even take the 6 train that I know? Anyway, it’d be pretty cool to come up with some sort of an “all day underground adventure” out of these for the terrible winter months in New York.
Warning: I kinda spoiled the most interesting one of these.
Note: There are more down in the comments.

The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)
I don’t know how I missed this when it originally came around. I would basically never stop watching nature documentaries if the narration actually worked like this.
Warning: Honey Badger don’t give a fuck.
Note: Not. One. Fuck.

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Clara Bow, “It” Girl
It may shock you to learn that Clara Bow was awesome. I mean probably it won’t but maybe you just weren’t paying attention or you didn’t know who Clara Bow was. Much like the Honey Badger Clara Bow didn’t give a fuck.
Warning: Contains Clara Bow sexing up a lot of dudes.
Note: That’s not why she was awesome…or not the only reason at least depending on how you look at it.


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