Other Ten Percent 5/24/11

May 24 2011

Hey so, fair warning, I’m going to be in Texas next week through Wednesday which means there may be no OTP next Monday Tuesday or Wednesday…or my dad might have brought his laptop and the internet connection at the farm might have stabilized and everything might be fine. Who knows. Let’s live for today people and today I have TEN WHOLE LINKS FOR YOU.

Long Exposure Photos of Planes Taking Off and Landing at SFO
I kinda want to make this into some extended argument about AR and alternative ways of seeing the world and making the invisible visible or whatever but really I just think these look pretty and you should look at them.
Warning: I kinda think my airport is prettier than yours.
Note: I’m taking my victories where I can find them.

Cats in Art
I really REALLY want Cats in Art to be the new lolcats people. Or at the very least I want lolcats of the cats in art. Make this dream a reality for me.
Warning: Contains cats. Cats in history.
Note: The first one is totally the best cat isn’t it?

Damn Nature U Pretty, Scary of the Day
Definitely stick around until you can see the giant lightning storms going on because they’re sort of (totally) the best part of all of this.
Warning: Sorta fetishizes disaster.
Note: Okay, totally fetishizes disaster.

Holy shit you guys BLDGBlog Road Trip. Is it weird that I sorta want to quit my job and just follow them around the country as they visit weird architectural things so I can’t listen to what they have to say about them. Wait I actually already know the answer to that question.
Warning: Contains a lot of pictures of cool architecture things.
Note: Possibly only exciting to me.

Song And Vision No. 2: “The Power Of Love” and Back To The Future
I have seriously been enjoying the Onion AV Club a lot lately. They have a ton of quality content so when I try and write for them please know that this is not me sucking up I just genuinely think they’re rad. This article theorizes Back to the Future as an intentional period piece that creates a sort of fictionalized 1985 that is just as abstracted from reality as it’s vision of 1955.
Warning: Contains shit-talking about Brown Eyed Girl.
Note: I pretty much can’t see this many words about Huey Lewis without imagining it in a Patrick Bateman voice and now you can’t either.

Architecture Fiction: Spherical Skyscraper
I don’t really have a ton to say about this entry. This one gets in for some really quality concept art and a hilarious final burn by Sterling.
Warning: You will be sad that this building is probably never built.
Note: You can probably get over it by just going to Epcot Center.

John Denver’s Nightmare
I’d say the fact that I kinda like Dave Grohl more than Kurt Cobain in a lot of ways is proof that I’m old but that’s pretty much always been true. Sure Cobain had the talent but Grohl’s got (and apparently always had) the enthusiasm. Despite what we all thought in the nineties that really ought to count for something.
Warning: Contains terrible punk band names.
Note: Some of the punk band names are pretty awesome though so it all evens out.

BMW Lovos
For those of you who did not read the Warren Ellis link yesterday and in fact couldn’t get through my 200 words on the topic you’ll be thrilled to know that you can just look at this picture and get a pretty good idea what the deal was.
Warning: Sir it looks like your car is melting.
Note: I want to see the philip K. Dick adaptation this ought to be the concept art for.

The Incredible Aztec Theater Hidden in Queens
This thing was so gorgeous I had to check it wasn’t a Scouting NY april fools post or something. I showed it to Suzan earlier and, unsurprisingly, she wanted to steal the place and put on a show in there.
Warning: Lots and lots and lots of pictures.
Note: I am honestly not sure if reappropriating the Aztec aesthetic still racist when it’s this awesome.

[Listen] – Two New Songs By Arcade Fire – “Speaking In Tongues” & “Culture War”
I’d say it’s been such a sad year for music that leftovers from last year are actually some of the highlights of the year but, to be fair, these tracks are pretty fantastic. The first one at least I really think should have just stayed on the album. Plus NPR is streaming the Cults album and I’m sorta annoyed at how good it is since it broke my theory that this year wasn’t really going to have any stand out albums.
Warning: The David Byrne track isn’t that great.
Note: I mean it’s not bad but after the first one you’re pretty much expecting it to be stellar and…eh.


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