Other Ten Percent 5/20/11

May 20 2011

Once again I am doing this kinda last minute with minimal commentary.Luckily it turns out it was a pretty slow internet day so let’s get to the breaking news.

Daily Diversion: Ties4Cops Serves Justice With Style
Jane showed this to me today and it was undoubtedly the high-water mark of what the medium of online entertainment was capable of.
Warning: Contains crimes…against fashion.
Note: I would totally ironically wear the jet over sand-dunes tie if somebody made it for me.

This is Funny, You Should Watch it of the Day
This totally gets the awkward absurdity vibe that Between Two Ferns is going for way better in my opinion. But I’ve always found Bert to be innately hilarious. Something about his Sisyphus-esque existence being the calm, put-upon center in a world of nonsense puppets I find really funny. I’m maybe kinda a terrible person.
Warning: Contains strong language about breathable fabrics.
Note: All interviews should maybe be done while drinking milk through a straw.

Tag as She is Played
Speaking of overanalyzing things from our childhood: welcome to maybe my new favorite Dinosaur comic.
Warning: may ruin tag for you forever.
Note: Totally mouse over the comic for the alt-text on this one.

The early 20th century home page
BREAKING NEWS: The history of breaking news is super weird.
Warning: Contains no real breaking news.
Note: I love inefficiency in contexts where it’s the best people could do.

In-N-Out vs. Five Guys vs. Shake Shack: The First Bi-Coastal Side-By-Side Taste Test
The taste test we’ve all been waiting for has finally happened.
Warning: May actually ruin your vegetarianism just reading it.
Spoiler Alert: Shake Shack wins.

Rapture + Riders on the Storm Mashup & Other End of the World Songs
So it turns out like all of my other good ideas apocalypse music was already a thing way before me including “a whole album on the concept of a final night out at a nightclub on Armageddon-eve, ‘as both performers and audience prepare themselves to say goodbye and to face an uncertain future realizing that only heaven knows what tomorrow will bring.'”
Warning: The mashup kinda sucks
Note: the basic concept is still awesome.


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