Other Ten Percent 5/19/11

May 19 2011

Okay so I’m going to just do normal commentary on this one I think. I like doing the ad copy version when I’ve got the time to really make it clever…but when I don’t have the time it sorta makes me want to die. It’s sorta the difference between clever parody and Epic Movie.

Comics Lettering Splash Pages
I love it when I find stuff that combine twin loves that I’d never really realized could be combined. Here we’ve got comics and some really stylish design work.
Warning: Contains obscure comics characters.
Note: Typography work may be too bitchin’ for younger viewers.

Fine Photos of America’s First Monorail, 1910
I wish I had a monorail on my farm. Also that I had a farm. Also that there were basically monorails ever. Monorails are pretty rad is what I’m trying to say.
Warning: Monorails may be less awesome than they appear.
Note: The ring came off my pudding can.

Alex Blagg Conducts The Worst Internet Internship Interview Ever
This is why they don’t let me interview PCWorld internship candidates anymore.
Warning: Contains Twitterblasts.
Note: Sexual harassment used for comedic purposes.

Every Instance of MacGyver’s Craftiness, Compiled in One Place
How has the internet taken so long to do this? This seems like the first thing we would do after inventing the world wide web.
Warning: Contains potentiall fatal amounts of McGyver.
Note: Created using only a paper clip, some string, and a vhs tape.

Permission to Synchronise
I’m going to skip right past the brief history of time joke and just say that Permission to Synchronise is the name of my forthcoming smooth jazz record.
Warning: Link contains no smooth jazz.
Note: I kinda made the brief history of time joke anyway didn’t I?

The Apocamix, Eclectic Method Remixes The End of The World
I usually hate these film remix music things but something about this one works for me. I think it’s how bad all the apocalyptic CGI looks just a few years later. I like the idea of the apocalypse being outdated.
Warning: The end of the world as we know it.
Note: I feel fine.

The Answer Will Always be Yes
Guys, are you going to love the hell out of today’s Dinosaur Comic?
Warning: This game gets kinda confusing.
Note: Panels 1-3 are maybe not the worst way to ask somebody out?


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