Other Ten Percent 4/30/10

Apr 30 2010

Knocking this one out early. It’s been a good internet day but not much of a day at all otherwise so I’m still somewhat lacking on introductory monologue material. Oh well, internets.

*Apple* *Dioramas*
Personal Shoebox Apple Store!
Okay on one level this is insane and terrifying but the iPhone as LCD monitor is a really nice touch.

*Photography* *Dance*
Dancers Among Us
These are all super fun and I wish I’d been around when they shot these.

*Ecological Disaster* *Fire*
Gulf Oil Spill – Kill it With Fire?
I love the idea of a controlled burn on the ocean. I mean the fact that we’re considering it is terrifying but the image of it is great.

*Science* *Food*
Use Your Microwave to Measure the Speed of Light
Fun science experiments you can do in your own home!

*Transportation* *Architecture*
Why are fictional forms of transportation always so much better than the real ones?

*Reading* *Computers*
Making Books with Robots at Harvard
I love these things. I want local bookshops to just be coffee shops with one of these in the center of it and an awesome book curator who tells you what you REALLY want to print.

*Flight* *Infographics*
Watch the Skies Reboot After Eyjafjallajokull
Man if I never have to type the name of that thing again it will be too soon.

*History* *Animal Cruelty*
Fox Tossing: Lessons in Horrific/Ridiculous History
Maggie Koerth-Baker is ON FIRE today, although that joke would have been funnier if I did it on the post actually about setting things on fire. Anyway, Fox Tossing is totally the new Bear Baiting. Also, bonus ridiculous German vocabulary lesson.

*Cartoons* *Interviews*
Time for Some Adventure with Pendleton Ward
Interview with the guy that does Adventure Time which, if you are not watching, you should watch every week.

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex has some thoughts on nostalgia.

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