Other Ten Percent 5/17/2011

May 17 2011

So I had an epiphany after my darkest hour yesterday and that epiphany is that there is no law keeping me from advertising for things that have not actually paid me or even asked me to advertise for them. Or if there is I’m unaware of it and I think that means it’s not illegal. Anyway after that epiphany I marched right out to find links to tell you guys about. I found 4. It was a slow day for the internet.

Umetaturou’s hyper-cute snapshots of a dog with stuff on its head
Have you ever had a long day? Like a really long day where the universe sorta seems to be letting you think things are going to save you some time just to screw with you? Because I have is what I’m saying. On days like today the only cure for what really ails you is pictures of dogs with stuff on their heads. This dog is pretty damn hilarious.
Warning: Contains Pets.
Potentially saccharine leves of adorable.

9. Ghosted Image
That 9 there means it’s part of a series of posts wherein Warren Ellis seems to completely lose his fucking mind, but in a really fascinating BLDGblog kind of a way. It’s like Warren Ellis has become unstuck in time and he’s still trying to do a blog anyway. It’s certainly a trip if you’re able to follow along.
Warning: fiercely atemporal
May contain references to the obscure BBC Quartermass serials.

The Mission Map Project
For all your hand-drawn San Francisco cartography needs.
Note: Nobody but the author has that need.
Note: Need is sort of a strong word, interest is probably better.

Dingy, glorious shop-signs of New York City
God I miss this sort of stuff from New York, the whole aesthetic of New York was unique and wonderful in a way that nobody seems to have adequately put into words anywhere but it’s documented very well by these photo-galleries of New York storefronts I’ve become so obsessed with lately.
Warning: I will never shut up about New York.
Contains advertising as a substitute for real meaning.


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