Other Ten Percent 4/29/10

Apr 29 2010

Is it just me or is this week lasting FOREVER? I hope it is not just me. Well except I kinda do because otherwise you guys are having a terribad week too. Anyway, let’s do some internet viewing.

*Bureaucracy* *The Internet*
Kaoiro Emoticon Stamp Turns Bureaucracy on its Head
So there were a bunch of posts over the last week on Bruce Sterling’s site about creating a networkable location aware form of civil services for urban centers and it’s all super interesting but in order to explain why I’d have to do a lot of explaining so instead I decided to post this because it’s pretty self-explanatory why this would make city governments way better.

*Codes* *Physics*
With New Quantum Encryption Scheme, Messages Can Only be Read in Designated Geographical Locations
Coming to a terrible spy movie near you in 2011.

*Design* *Space Saving*
Showtime: Gary Chang’s Hong Kong Apartment
I’m having Other Ten Percent deja vu about this post but it’s awesome enough that I don’t feel too bad if I posted it twice.

*Gallery* *Japan*
Kenchoji Temple
Keep scrolling down till you get to the Tengu statues toward the end. They are AWESOME.

*Food* *Mythical Creatures*
Unicorn Meat
It’s not really comedy gold until you realize it comes from “Radiant Farms.”

*Claustrophobia* *Theater*
Theater for One
It’s BLDGblog so the commentary is going to be interesting but this seriously looks like some kind of torture device to me.

*Green Tech* *Textiles*
Wind Powered Scarf Knitting Machine
This seriously feels like the future more than almost anything I’ve seen on the internet in the past year.

*Economics* *History*
A Short History of Debt
Yet another way I am super strange: I find economic history absolutely fascinating. I totally wish Keynes was my drinking buddy.

*Bureaucracy* *Technology*
We Have Met the Enemy and He is Powerpoint
Terrible powerpoint presentations have become a serious problem for the US military. That is not a joke. I love how bizarre the world is.

*Cartography* *Confusion*
Hand-Drawn Maps on Display
It’s always nice to know there are people more terrible at giving directions than I am.

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