Other Ten Percent 4/29/11

Apr 29 2011

Boring day is boring. Not boring links are not boring. Formulaic opening paragraph is…over now.

*Education* *Gaming*
Multiplayer High
I know I said yesterday that I only care about these special reports for the graphic design element but this one I actually give a shit about the content as well.

*Space* *Vision*
The mystery of the Moon’s eerie green glow
My mom insisted once that she could see the green flash from her apartment and I was like “What’s that?” and “that isn’t a thing.” and “I’m sure there will never be an io9 article that conclusively proves me wrong on what I am about to say: sunsets are never green. I’m out”

*History* *Video Games*
Visualized: Growing up in arcades
Remember arcades? I do and that’s why I’m going to go to a new one in chinatown with some people from work.

*History* *DIY Tech*
The Chronotune: Detroit hackerspace builds “time travel radio project”
Okay I know that I’m usually really happy when somebody actually produces a project that I was too lazy to actually realize but this is just so on the mark that it’s just creepy.

*The Internet* *Freedom*
Why We Need An Open Wireless Movement
I kinda hate that my roommates out here make me lock down my wireless networks. It’s stupid.

*Parties* *Gambling*
Brooklyn Derby Party
I want to go to there. Also that quote is as good a time as any to say that 30 Rock is super disappointing lately.

*Music* *Creativity*
Free Indie Band Names Guaranteed to Get You Forkcasted
A lot of these are super fantastic even if I could churn out one of these a week. Hell with Jane’s help I think we could do a daily edition. Still the pronunciation guide portion on some of these is brilliant.

*DIY Tech* *Animals*
Fledgling, An Interactive Mechanical Bird Installation by Christian Ristow
I’m going to have to go to Maker Faire just for this thing.


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