Other Ten Percent 4/28/11

Apr 28 2011

Today was a weirdly counterintuitive kind of day and that sort of followed me home with a larger than usual number of links left in my RSS reader that turned into way less worthwhile links than usual. I tried to buoy it with some tabs that I’d been meaning to throw over in OTP but I still didn’t get to 10.

*Celebrity* *History*
Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Ingrid Bergman, Instrument of Evil
Everything you wanted to know about Ingrid Bergman having sex outside of marriage. Everything that lets this link remain SFW anyway.

*History* *Art*
First European depictions of Native Americans
Racism with enough historical distance to be HILARIOUS.

*Writing* *Ideas*
29 Ways to Stay Creative
I hate how ungodly cheesy this list is but I’ve been hitting a surpringly hard case of ….everything block the past week or two and this has actually been really helpful more than once.

*Art* *Video*
Surprise Surveillance Theater at The Lost Horizon Night Market
Now I’m EVEN MORE pissed I didn’t get to go to this.

*Art* *Violence*
The Graffiti of War
I basically don’t care about the content of BoingBoing special reports because I find the design so good.

*Games* *Video*
We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges
Given my intelectual history it’s insanely hypocritical to criticize someone for not exploring ideas that excite them with enough depth but I always feel like McGonigal is one step short of being actually revolutionary instead of just pretty cool. This video’s a good primer but like everything else with her I leave feeling like I missed a really important 10 minutes of the talk somewhere.

Webcomics Roundup
T-Rex explains the deal with history.


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