Other Ten Percent 4/28/10

Apr 28 2010

Hi everybody! It’s actually fairly late tonight so I will just get right to the interneting.

*Crafts* *Animals*
How to: Make a Shrimp From a Bendy Straw
Yay! This is the second most adorable thing on OTP today.

*Watches* *Just Watches*
Tokyoflash Broke Watch: Telling Time with Shattered Animated Stained Glass
I have no functional reason why a watch nobody else can read would be useful but I really love all the Tokyoflash watches that fit that description.

*Animals* *Video*
Einstein – The Smallest Horse in the World
If this is not A) the most adorable thing you have ever seen B) the best children’s book title you have ever heard then I will eat a hat.

*infographics* *Publishing*
Epic Info-graphic Maps out the Mechanics of Book Publishing
Publishing is saved! And by saved I mean byzantine.

*Crime* *Television*
CSI Shoots Real Life Crime Investigation in the Foot
Just like 24 made everybody in Iraq a terrible interrogator because they wanted to be like Jack Bauer, CSI is apparently churning out tons of dumb shit cops who think if they’ve got two hairs and some grainy video footage they should be able to catch a murderer by saying the word “enhance” enough.

*Abandoned Areas* *Dinosaurs*
Michigan’s Abandoned Dinosaur Amusement Park is Way Creepy

*Explosions* *Chemistry*
Dry Ice + Plastic Bottle + Cinder Block = BOOM
Best equation ever? Major mathematicians agree…yes.

*Architecture* *The Arctic*
Cold Comforts: Antarctic Research Bases are Seriously Self-Sustaining
Crazy extreme environment architecture is still the best kind.

*Art* *Science*
Claude Kuhn: Museum Posters as Fine Art
Yay for anything that celebrates good graphic design.

*Botony* *Color*
Interflora Scientists Grow the World’s First Polka Dot Rose
This reads so much like an April fools joke that I really don’t know what the hell to do with it.

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