Other Ten Percent 4/26/11

Apr 26 2011

Guys I have had a hella shitty evening and I’m not really feeling it so this is going to be SUPER quick this evening. Sorry. I promise I’ll write more tomorrow. Here, have a PC World article that I wrote.

*Comedy* *History*
Trivial Comedy For Serious People of the Day
Suddenly and without warning I kinda want to watch Jersey Shore.

*Architecture* *Mapping*
Not showing up for shit in computer scanning as architectural feature. You get the feeling that if everybody else put in half the time architects do to thinking out the crazy bullshit parts of their profession the world might be a utopia by now.

*Video Games* *Romance*
World Of Warcraft Is The Future Of Online Dating
So this is mostly just sort of ridiculous and provocative but I think there’s something here in a Jane McGonigal/little consequence for failing/gamification sense. Dating as game that is actually fun for somebody has some interesting potential.

*Architecture* *Transportation*
How buildings move
Answer: Slowly.

*Hacking* *The Gibson*
Hacker Typer
The next time a relative asks you to fix their computer just type on this for a while and then be like “well if that didn’t work I’m not sure what to do. Maybe just call tech support?”

*Animals* *Attack*
Giant Octopus Attacking The Empire State Building
Oh thank God it’s just a t-shirt.

*The Future* *Clocks*
3D printed clock, printed — runs well!
Okay then, we are now up to the 16th century for 3D printing devices. Once we get to the industrial revolution I am officially going to go find someplace safe to hide for a few months.

*Architecture* *Amusement*
After Hours At An Amusement Park: Exploring Rye Playland In The Dark
When Scouting NY is on it it is ON IT.

*History* *Japan*
A brief history of Japan’s vintage railways
And the same goes for io9 really.

*Music* *Videos*
The song’s not that great but the video is SUPER COOL.


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