Other Ten Percent 4/25/11

Apr 25 2011

So I found too many links today but then I was fairly sure that I’d already posted this one so then everything was okay. But then I was worried I hadn’t posted it so I linked it anyway. That’s today’s COOL STORY BRO from Other Ten Percent.

*Augmented Reality* Books*
Augmented Reality App for Librarians Instantly Shows Which Books are Misfiled
Well would you look at that, it’s an AR demo with some honest to God functionality. Naturally the production values are crap because it actually does a thing so who gives a crap how it looks.

*San Francisco* *Kinetic Art*
Everybody Needs A Hobby of the Day
Watching this video may be the most San Francisco experience you can have without living here. Also I totes want to go see this to the degree that I lifted my self-imposed ban on ever saying totes again.

*Celebrity* *Comedy*
Here, your monday is solved. I have no idea why somebody would post this over the weekend because it is obviously designed specifically to solve Mondays.

*Music* *Videos*
video: Purity Ring – “Lofticries”
Guys. GUYS. Purity Ring (not to be confused with christian emo band The Purity Ring which…ugh) it is like if Bjork and School of Seven Bells had a baby. Then this link is like if somebody made a bad-ass video-editing music video from the movie that inspired Kill Bill specifically for that baby. Anyway now that that metaphor broke down completely have another track by them.

*Pregnancy* *Teenagers*
Teenager Fakes Her Own Pregnancy for a Really Good Reason
Just give this girl all of the awards. All of them.

*History* *Geography*
A plan from the 1920s to drain the Mediterranean Sea and create the nation of Atlantropa
Totally trying to figure out how to work the nation of Atlantropa into my fiction now because this is some glorious crazy right here.

*Plants* *Radioactivity*
The Adventures of the Atomic Gardening Society
I was just talking about this with the girlfriend of one of my co-workers on Friday. People have no clue how much of their life involves radioactivity.

*Physics* *History*
Did the early universe have only one dimension?
This explains so much and I seriously want to figure out some way to test this theory by reading flatland again.

*Technology* *Poverty*
Lifeplayer Is a Life-Changing MP3 Player
I just find stuff like this super cool.

Webcomics Roundup
Wonderella knows harrowing adventure.


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