Other Ten Percent 4/22/11

Apr 22 2011

Welcome to friday everybody.In ancient norse mythology Friday was the day when everybody ate fries. Fun fact. Here, let’s have some links.

*Music* *Videos*
Watch the best 5 minutes of the Beastie Boys’ new time-traveling epic
Having seen the whole thing when it was briefly online I disagree with the assessment that this is the best five minutes but it is still pretty stellar. Enjoy the cameos by literally every funny person alive in Hollywood.

*Games* *History*
All Your Base are Belong to Us: how 50 years of videogames conquered pop culture
Sometimes posts are really just for me. I’m sure some of you guys will enjoy the anecdote included in this link about the making of WoW (which is actually pretty fascinating even if you don’t play) but this link is mostly here to remind me to buy this book.

*History* *Architecture*
Abandoned Theater No. 49
I have no idea what Abandoned Theater No. 49 ought to be the name of but it ought to be the name of something Goddamn-it.

*History* *Science*
From Alexander Pope to “Splice”: a Short History of the Female Mad Scientist
Paging Suzan to the OTP.

*Video* *Time*
Play God With a High-Speed/High-Def Camera
I really seriously wanted to cut this so I could have more time to watch Archer tonight but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

*History* *Television*
The original pitch for Doctor Who
Doctor Who is back on Saturday you guys! It’s a great week for science fiction. Anyway, did you know that the Doctor was originally supposed to be a reactionary who was seeking out an agrarian society away from the scientific world he was totally disillusioned with? Luckily this was all in the era of studio meddling still so the BBC was able to say “that’s stupid” and change everything.

*History* *Mail*
Mail Rail: London’s long-lost underground postal railroad
London is basically the only town whose underground history is even weirder than New York’s.

*History* *Disaster*
25 Haunting Shipwrecks from Around the World
Okay basically all of these are gorgeous.

Webcomics Roundup
Kate Beaton knows that Lois Lane has no time for your shenanigans.


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