Other Ten Percent 4/21/11

Apr 21 2011

Today was a weird day as I ended up coming home from work at 10:30 to work from home out of nowhere and I’ve been here ever since. It is weird to eat steak at lunch on a work day.

*Secrets* *The Internet*
WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency: Micah Sifry explores the history, successes and failures of online transparency
Hey remember when Obama was going to be transparant because I’d totally forgotten until this piece. But that’s okay because…

*Politics* *Outfits*
Presidential Pirate of the Day
Obama dressed up as a pirate when he was a kid! How awesome is Obama’s mom? SO AWESOME.

*Mortality* *Theme Parks*
The Ride of a Lifetime
Death by rollar coaster: not just an awesome theoretical album title anymore.

*Culture* *Mortality*
You’re missing out on everything
And that’s why I’m here. Wait okay I’ll actually write a little more about this and that’s that I actually do think that looking at culture as a collaborative effort even from the point of view of consumption has some interesting implications that people don’t go into enough. Everybody thinks about it short term as like a popular culture dictates what mass culture gets made sort of way but the long term implications of a culture where you can really only have the proper context collaboratively means…you know what? I’m just going to write about this somewhere else so we’re not here all day.

*Science* *Child Cruelty*
On Trapping Children in Refrigerators for Science, 1958
Okay Science we need to talk because..what the hell? I used to think I understood you and then you started simulating trapping kids in refrigerators.

*Video Games* *Art*
Trailer: Proun (Joost van Dongen)
It is absurd how good indie games can look these days.

*History* *Art*
Charting The History of Graffiti and Street Art (1940-2010)
I don’t have much to say about this except that I find it FASCINATING.

*Art* *Just Art*
Kevin Tong
I just think this looks pretty. I guess I’m commented out after some of the earlier commentary.

*AR* *Advertising*
Augmented Reality: Pearl Media
The year is 2020 and suddenly billboards are all projection mapped and the world is super weird.

*History* *Religion*
Neanderthals might have believed in the spiritual world before Homo sapiens did
Man, I wonder how Neanderthal religion dealt with all the neanderthals dying.


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