Other Ten Percent 4/20/11

Apr 20 2011

What? No I totally didn’t get distracted beating Portal 2 and then beating it again with the developer commentary on in the space of 24 hours. I…got high…because 4/20? Wait no that’s worse and obviously a lie. I played Portal all day and now it’s 11:15 and so let’s do this thing.

*Video Games* *Movies*
Watch the secret J.J. Abrams video hidden inside Portal 2
So io9 doesn’t usually get things wrong like this but what makes this so weird/awesome is that it isn’t a video hidden in Portal 2 it’s a full on interactive level. I kinda think Super 8 is just an elaborate experiment in marketing and then the movie’s just going to be a series of trailers for other JJ Abrams projects. Also guys…Portal 2 is really good. Like probably the best non-Doctor Who science fiction you’re going to get in any media this year and also it’s really funny.

*Medicine* *History*
The Dr. Who Drank Infectious Broth, Gave Himself An Ulcer, And Solved A Medical Mystery
My dad told me about this guy once. I always thought he sounded awesome.

*Projection Mapping* *Art*
Augmented Reality: Mapping Festival 2011
Woah woah they have a whole festival for this now? Who has some extra tickets to Switzerland they’d maybe like to give me?

*Movies* *History*
Organist Has Been Playing San Francisco’s Castro Theatre For 33 Years
Outside of the architecture this dude is maybe the most fun part about the Castro theater.

*History* *Despotism*
The 1917 Clipperton Island tragedy
Not really one of the fun tragedies.

*History* *Video Games*
World War II Themed Super Mario Bros. Propaganda Posters
I thought you might appreciate some non Portal related video game stuff for once.

*Art* *Apocalypse*
Steve Mcghee
See now THIS is the fun kind of tragedy.

Webcomics Roundup
Dinosaur comics has some true facts about Monopoly.


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