Other Ten Percent 4/19/11

Apr 19 2011

And suddenly I need to get to work on this because it’s looking more and more like I’ll have quite a bit of time to play Portal 2 tonight. I’m in a writing mood lately though. Fiction writing. I went to sleep listening to Robyn on Saturday and woke up with a plan for a great deal of how to write Dorothy Parker. Hopefully I’ll get around to actually doing some of that before it passes. Anyway here are the links. SPOILER ALERT: Awesome Nedroid at the end.

*Etymology* *Mortality*
A race to document the mysterious history of 1000 English words
Oh look everybody. It’s the human condition contained in a story about Etymology.

*Space* *CGI*
All the visual effects from BBC’s Wonders of the Universe in one eye-popping video
Yeah if you’ve got a free quarter of an hour you can safely spend it staring at this stuff. It sorta makes me wish I did drugs.

*Comics* *Film*
Joss In The NYT Today
I post the Warren Ellis version because it has the link explaining the awesome Internet TV project he and Joss are working on when the Avengers movie wraps.

*Radioactivity* *Geography*
Atomic Deserts
The world is a weird dangerous place and somehow that just makes me happier to be here. I’ve got a story on PCWorld coming up about hacktivism and radioactivity levels in Japan. I’m really hoping I don’t fuck it up.

*Science* *Disease*
How to use a hyperbaric chamber to treat flesh eating bacteria
Am I making up that they already used this in House? Because if they didn’t they totally should.

*History* *New York*
Harlem 1977 – 2004
Pictures of the same part of Harlem for almost 30 years.

*China* *The Internet*
China’s “Jasmine Revolution”: anonymous out-of-country bloggers troll the politburo
I have no illusions that this will actually have long-term effects on China but I think it’s some pretty hilarious and masterful trolling on the part of Chinese dissidents.

*Animals* *Rodeos*
Cowboy Monkeys Riding Dogs Herding Goats
Amazingly enough, does what it says on the can.

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid sums up my day at work.


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