Other Ten Percent 4/18/11

Apr 18 2011

I did it you guys! I made a thing and I think they’re going to give me a degree for it and I wasn’t even all that ashamed of it so DOUBLE BONUS. Anyway I’ve been taking a rest for the past few days (I took a nap today and it ended up taking 4 hours and I wasn’t even a little bit panicked or upset when I woke up!) but like always now that I have free time my brain is full of more project ideas I can over commit to and start to panic about. That was kind of a downer way to end this intro. Sorry. Here are links to cheer you up.

*Video Games* *The Internet*
The World’s Biggest Pac-Man game takes over the internet, your life
Do you, like me, suddenly have free time again? Not anymore you don’t.

*Movies* *Reviews*
Atlas Shrugged: A movie this demented ought to be against the law
Not quite as strong as her Transformers 2 and Avatar reviews but Suzan just discovered this movie existed and I thought she might like to know how it turned out.

*Literature* *Graphic Design*
War of the Worlds & Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Tom Whalen
Guys did I mention that I did a big project redoing the War of the Worlds? AND THAT IT IS OVER NOW?

*Animals* *Violence*
Crab attack!
This is what last week felt like. Felt like, past tense. BECAUSE IT IS OVER NOW.

*History* *Technology*
Can You Identify These Pieces of Mystery Technology
I am almost certain that none of us can identify these things. They still look super neat.

*Russia* *Futurism*
Russian vintage science illustration blog
I think I have a new favorite art blog of the month you guys.

*Science Fiction* *Cartoons*
Who You Gonna Call?
I let how terrible this joke is pass because of the REALLY limited number of people who will find it hilarious in the first place.

*Zombies* *Tutorials*
Guns & Gardens Ep. 5 – The DIY Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide
We live in a world where this exists. Just saying.

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid is always one step ahead.


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