Other Ten Percent 4/27/10

Apr 27 2010

I’m apartment hunting! If the like 4 people on this who are in San Francisco magically know awesome people looking for a roommate then let me know. Also, Steven Moffat’s Jekyl mini-series from like three years ago is really good. Oh and I don’t get this whole thing with Stephen Hawking being worried about aliens invading us to take all our stuff. Throwing everybody into giant spaceships and then traveling interstellar distances seems like a really inefficient way to deal with a resource shortage. But I mean what the hell do I know, I’m not Stephen freaking Hawking. Oh hey, the internet.

*Paper* *Animals*
It is almost illegal how adorable this is.

*Space* *Aliens*
If Aliens have Built Dyson Spheres or Ringworlds Nearby how Would we Detect Them?
If you want a quick summary as to why I love interning for io9 it’s that they are dedicated to my incredibly specific obsession with tracking alien civilizations by looking for indications of stellar scale superstructures.

*Japan* *Urban Photography*
10 Best Japanese Ghost Towns
All the depressing of a regular gallery of abandoned areas with the crazy of Japan.

*News* *The Internet*
Long Form Journalism
Long form journalism isn’t dead, it’s just not indexed where you’re looking for it.

*Projection Mapping* *Iron Man*
Iron Man and AC/DC Destroy an Olde English Castle
Man, those two tags up there are two of my favorite things. Imagine how much I would love this if I was actually an AC/DC fan like…at all.

*Philosophy* *Television*
The Extreme Minimalist Life of the Pete Campbell Mad Men Actor
I can’t decide if this is actually kinda douchey on some level or if I just find Pete Campbell so unbarably smug that it’s rubbing off on my opinion of the actor.

*Star Wars* *Poverty*
Star Wars Veteran Succeed
I laughed. I mean I laughed because I’m a nerd but perhaps you are a nerd too. PERHAPS IT IS SO.

*Architecture* *New York*
Abandoned Coney Island – Last Chance to See?
I love you so much Scouting NY. Not even BLDGblog has your ratio of posts I wish that I had written.

*Architecture* *Office Supplies*
Cityscape Made of Staples
I think I posted something about this before but I’m fairly certain it didn’t have the making of video which is by far the best part.

Webcomics Roundup
Nedroid tests the limits of friendship.

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